Sunday, July 12, 2009

United Breaks Guitars and Sons of Maxwell

Most of us are helpless when an airline or a utility steamrolls us. My daughter had a miserable experience on a Ukrainian airline that would not feed her during interminable down time. I had my run in with Zip Car.

United Airlines had the misfortune of picking the wrong guys to pick on when the Sons of Maxwell, a country band booked a flight with them. Apparently the band members looked out the window and saw their luggage being mishandled. The cabin crew showed no sympathy. When predictably, the mishandled instruments were broken, the band got no satisfaction from United Airlines. So they did a revenge song, in which they depict the ineptitude and indifference of United Airlines.

Thank you Sons of Maxwell for doing what every little guy wishes they could do. You finally got the attention of United Airlines, who according to has agreed to make a charitable donation as a form of apology. I hope that revenge songs become a specialty in the music industry. Maybe if arrogant companies had to face their misdeeds being reenacted on MTV they might tread softly. Five stars and a high five to Sons of Maxwell, for living the dream of getting even on stage.
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