Friday, August 21, 2009

Bloomberg Proposes Campaign Rules..For Others

It's too bad that Reader's Digest is in the middle of bankruptcy. Because Mayor Bloomberg has a real funny joke. He wants campaign finance reform. According to the Daily News, Bloomberg wants campaign spending limits on anyone who raises funds from the public. By some strange coincidence, the only candidate who would be unhampered by the new regulations is Mike Bloomberg himself. He is that rare breed of candidate who can simply write out a check for his campaign expenses.

It is interesting that the announcement of the proposed restrictions came from the office of the Bloomberg campaign and not from the mayor's office. Bloomberg is reportedly spending approximately $200 million on the campaign. This does not include the kid gloves treatment and fawning news coverage from the local newspapers. It certainly does not seem to hurt Bloomberg that he made his billions in the financial news business. Perhaps some government ethicist might be able to ponder the possible conflicts of interest there.

We all hear thunderous applause for Bloomberg's taking over direct control of the New York City schools. There are a lot of other issues. The perception is unavoidable that there has been backsliding in the war on crime. Tickets for parking and sanitation are more frequent and far more hefty than under Giuliani. A Manhattan millionair might not care, but these tickets matter to people in the outer boroughs, who are the bulk of city residents.

Rent both residential and commercial is skyrocketing. There are way too many vacant storefronts. Despite Bloomberg's fondness for "going green, he is clogging mailboxes across the city with his idiotic campaign materials, eliciting as he does so a Pavlovian response to stuff them into the nearest trash can.

I see a multitude of issues for Bill Thompson and Tony Avela, both Bloomberg opponents in the mayoral election to address when they go up against Bloomberg. It is totally obvious that New York's print and broadcast media is going to let Bloomberg have an easy time in the upcoming election. This is a disservice to all New Yorkers.

I propose that anyone who owns a newspaper, radio station or news outlet broadcasting or publishing in New York City be banned from running for office. Would that hurt Bloomberg? Oops! Sorry. Sphere: Related Content

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