Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Man With Handicapped Son Threatened

Mike Sola was pretty loud when he confronted his Congressman John Dingell on the care his adult handicapped son would receive under an Obamacare health plan. He ended up catching John Dingell in a bald faced lie.When Dingel was confronted with Sola's assertion that his son would lose coverage under the Obamacare bill, he quickly asserted that an amendment which would address Sola's concerns. When asked what the number of the amendment was, Dingell was at a loss for words. It seems that making up facts as you go along comes easy to the hucksters of hope and change.

What was really beneath contempt was what happened the night after the hearings when Mike Sola, his wife and handicapped son had turned in for the night. A visitor came to them personally and delivered a threat which Mr. Sola reported to the Michigan State Police. In an interview with Fox News, Sola shamed and condemned his anonymous tormentors, promising to use deadly force if needed in defense of his family.

The Obama Democrats have a dream and a vision of the ideal society they will create in America and the world. It seems that whenever a group has a beautiful vision for society, it comes with a ruthlessness. Communism is the most famous example of this. Millions died in accordance with the principle that "If you want to make an omlet, you have to break eggs."

The Obama administration was willing to ram its health care bill through Congress before the critical fine print could be examined and debated. Obamacare supporters wanted town meetings to be infomercials for the Obama vision. It was entirely legitimate for opponents to forcefully call their Congressmen to task.

What started off as calling protesters "Unamerican" has now degenerated into icy threats to Obama opponents in the middle of the night. Now is not the time to back down, but to stand our ground. What was done to Mike Sola and his family was disgraceful. But if it passes unchallenged, it will become commonplace

The link to the Mike Sola interview is below.

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