Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama's Surrender on Mexican Border

I never thought that I would agree with anything Barack Obama did. It finally seems that he is getting serious about our porous border with Mexico. Yahoo News reports that back in June, Obama had ordered that National Guard troops be deployed on our border with Mexico Yahoo News reports as follows. This sounds good. Unfortunately, when you get the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon and the State of California working together, you have enough buck passing to keep any planned action on the drawing board rather than on the ground.

"A government plan to use National Guard troops to help stem Mexican drug violence along the southern border is stymied by disagreements over who will pay for the soldiers and how they would be used.

Ordered by President Barack Obama in June to help secure the border with Mexico, the Pentagon and the Homeland Security Department drafted a $225 million plan to deploy temporarily 1,500 Guard troops to supplement Border Patrol agents.

The two agencies are wrangling over how to structure the deployment, but the primary sticking point is the money, according to senior administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

The funding stalemate lingers even after Obama renewed his commitment to Mexican officials on Monday to reinforce the border and to help Mexico battle the drug cartels. Fierce battles between Mexican law enforcement and the cartels have left as many as 11,000 people dead and fueled concerns about violence spilling into the U.S."

I am concerned about the adjective "temporary" being used to describe a serious border patrol with Mexico. Mexico is a nation in a state of meltdown. There is open warfare between criminal gangs and police. In many cases, the police is a criminal gang as well. People who report crimes to the police in Mexico have the well founded fear that drug gang infiltrators in the police offices will retaliate against them.Unfortunately, discussions continue about deepening the cooperation between Canada, the US and Mexico. Though rarely spelled out, America seems to be trying to top the European Union with a higher population and more square miles than the EU. When you have a proposal to have Mexican truck drivers chugging over the US border instead of transferring cargo to US drivers, you know that there is a war not against illegal immigration but the wages of American workers.

We need to get serious not about uniting Mexico with the US and Canada but uniting Mexico with Mexico. In many areas, the drug gangs in Mexico have become the government. We can not let this social sickness spill into the US. We do not need a temporary program to beef up border patrols. We need a permanent program. The technical means of sealing a border have been tried and used before. Motion detectors, heat sensors and open strips with high visibility from guard towers can and should be used. We have thrown trillions of dollars into "stimulus" initiatives. It is mind boggling that a high tech hermetically sealed border is not on the agenda. The only plausible explanation for America's failure to secure its border is that it does not want to do so.

It is clear that depressing the value of American labour does not concern our President or Congress. That is why so many American jobs have been outsourced and so many temporary work visas have been granted for high tech workers who come to the US to work.

But there are life and death issues for our country. In the past, war zones in Central America produced violent gangs such as MS 13 that migrated northward to American cities. The body count from our government's indifference to patrolling its own borders continues to mount.

The ease with which our border with Mexico can be penetrated has not escaped the notice of terrorists like Al Qaeda and smugglers from China. Organised crime is unfortunately far more adept at adapting changing situations than our government.

America's greatest vulnerability is on our border with what used to be called Mexico. Violence from street gangs can easily escalate into collaboration with criminal gangs. A drug smuggler who earns thousands with a drug shipment will gladly take a shot at millions for a "dirty bomb".

Mexico is well on its way to becoming the Somalia of the Western Hemisphere. We can not afford for the sake of political correctness that its needs are the same in a hemispheric partnership as those of the US and Canada. Mexico should get all the help it needs to heal itself and become a united and orderly country. Until it achieves this objective, our borders with it should be sealed.

Obama's words about our border with Mexico remain just words. The Democrats are aggressively pushing a health plan that is riddled with difficulties and demonising opposition to it. Meanwhile, a threat to our continued peace is mounting south of the border. The criminals and terrorists who want to hurt and destroy our country are very good at working together. Until we match them in unity and determination, we will continue to lose ground. Our new and ever hopeful President needs to know one thing. Sound bites do not take a bite out of crime.

The picture with this post is of a gang related slaying in Tijuana, where there were 50 murders last week . Sphere: Related Content

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