Monday, August 3, 2009

Rahm Emanuel Twisting Arms for TV Time

The television networks are getting bone tired of preempting regular programming to accomodate the White House. It has gotten to the point that"pretty please" and "This time it's really important just don't do the trick any more. So here is where Rahm Emanuel comes in, with all of the gentle and persuasive charm of a mafia strong arm. Howard Kurtz ofThe Washington Post reports as follows.

In the days before President Obama's last news conference, as the networks weighed whether to give up a chunk of their precious prime time, Rahm Emanuel went straight to the top.

Rather than calling ABC, the White House chief of staff phoned Bob Iger, chief executive of parent company Disney. Instead of contacting NBC, Emanuel went to Jeffrey Immelt, the chief executive of General Electric. He also spoke with Les Moonves, the chief executive of CBS Corp., the company spun off from Viacom.

Whether this amounted to undue pressure or plain old Chicago arm-twisting, Emanuel got results: the fourth hour of lucrative network time for his boss in six months. But network executives have been privately complaining to White House officials that they cannot afford to keep airing these sessions in the economic downturn.

The networks "absolutely" feel pressured, says Paul Friedman, CBS's senior vice president: "It's an enormous financial cost when the president replaces one of those prime-time hours. The news divisions also have mixed feelings about whether they are being used."

The news networks being used ? Imagine that !! The Obama administration seems to act like they are sitting at the casino on a losing streak hoping that borrowing a little more money to play might cancel out some of the losses.

The Obama administration needs more air time than Rahm Emanuel can strong arm out of the networks. The Obama administration has already bought General Motors. They now need a television network. I recommend getting about $40 billion dollars from George Soros and the Hollywood crowd to set up a national television network with two stations. One station could be called the Central Obama News Network (CONN). The second one could be called the Supreme Network for Obama's Wisdom. (SNOW) In an age of specialty networks, it is high time for Obama to have his own television network.

This only addresses the issue of television. If advertisers like the new network, it might be possible to start a radio network as well. Hillary Clinton could be put in charge of a feminist talk radio network that could be called WPMS. The umbrella organisation for left oriented talk radio could be called the Concerned Responsible American Progressives. A Spanish station would be run by the Intellectual Momement for Responsible Democratic Elitism. (M.I.E.R.D.E)

An administration with its own television network should have no trouble finding advertisers. And don't think that coverage would be dry and boring. A fifteen part Obama biography would certainly captivate the nation. A Barbra Streisand concert would lend a musical ring to all the other B.S. programming on SNOW and CONN.

Apologising for America would be a recurring theme on SNOW and CONN. And on Saturday mornings, a steady diet of North Korean cartoons and Hamas children's shows would make sure that the education of"progressives" starts early.

When the revolutionary masses decide that they want to hear Obama's truth, there has to be a way to be sure that they can hear it 24/7. Ind then Rahm Emanuel won't have to beg for time from the other TV networks. He can put his charm and enthusiasm into more productive tasks like selling advertising.

With an auto company and a television network, there is a bright new future ahead for Obama's television networks. And the economy turns out his way, he might be able to pick up some more networks real cheap.
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