Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teach Self Defense in School !!

Spousal abuse, bullying and date rape are subjects that are debated endlessly. Laws are passed that bring new problems with them. An item showed up in the Weird But True section of the New York Post that hinted at a possible solution to women getting knocked around. The Post reports as follows.

"When Rome cops interrupted a mugging, no one was happier than the mugger, who'd just grabbed a handbag from a woman in a group of Korean tourists.

It turned out everyone in her party was skilled in taekwondo.

"Thank you," he told the cops. "I was being massacred."

In an average New York crowd, what is the chance of all the women knowing marshal arts? This group of Korean women all knew Tae Kwon Do. And look what they were able to do to a purse snatcher. They did not fit into his calculation of estimated risk.

Most public schools have mandatory physical education, usually involving team sports. Imagine what it would be like if judo, karate or one of the other martial arts were offered along with the usual baseball and football. The Israelis have developed Krav Maga, which is an eclectic mix of different martial arts that is designed to be useful for self defense after a minimum of training. Could this lessen the likelihood of abductions, bullying and other forms of violence?

Most forms of self defense also involve an attitude. Self confidence and self assurance have an aura to them that is perceived by would be predators. Whether they are street predators or boyfriends from hell, predators have a sixth sense as to who is a pushover and who is not. It is the self confidence as well as the skills themselves that make safety on the streets and in relationships likely. Attitude modification is helpful not only prospective victims but for those who are likely to be predators as well. Many who abuse others are covering their own insecurities.

I am not saying that football, baseball and other group sports should be abandoned. But it is a sad waste of time to use the entire time allotted to physical education in schools used for something with no practical use. When someone is coming at you with a knife, basketball does not give you any additional choices. Krav Maga does. That is what it was designed for.

Self defense arts are not the only solution to problems of street and relationship violence. But they are an important component. Young people who feel assured that they can stand up to bullies are less likely to become bullies. And that is as good as a home run any day. Sphere: Related Content

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