Thursday, August 6, 2009

Those Awful Hillary Clinton Jokes

The Washington Post has apologised for a joke told in a satirical video put together by two of their journalists. It is described in the Washington Post as follows.

"In the video, columnist Dana Milbank and White House correspondent and blogger Chris Cillizza appeared in smoking jackets to discuss the kinds of beer politicians might drink. Milbank said he couldn't reveal to whom President Barack Obama would serve a drink called "Mad B---- Beer." That line was followed by a brief picture of Clinton. "

Predictably, women's rights groups expressed outrage at the skit. A group called Women, Action and the Media slammed the video. They were joined by a group of male sympathisers known as the Brotherhood of Intellectual Toastmasters for Classy Humor. In a summit on acceptable humour, it was agreed that any joke told in public should be inoffensive to all member states of the United Nations, men, women, (and those aspiring to be one or the other) married people, single people, divorced people, old people and young people would be off limits for joke material. A group of racial definitions was added to the list, as well as a listing from the New York Times Almanac of the world's religions. It was generally agreed that fruits and vegetables would be fair game for jokes. Microorganisms would also be permitted joke material, as long as no jokes were made about killing them.

I am very sympathetic to the battle against sexist humour. The last sexist joke I told was during the Clinton administration . In the joke, Bill and Hillary go to the first baseball game of the season. As is customary, Bill Clinton, as the President of the United States was supposed to open the baseball season. The umpire comes over to then President Clinton and whispers in his ear. Bill smiles and nods affirmatively.

"Yes, it would be an honour." he replied.

At this point, Bill Clinton goes over to where he and Hillary were seated. He grabs Hillary by the back of her collar and the seat of her pants, tossing her in a heap out of her seat.

The umpire sees the commotion and runs over to Bill Clinton and screams, "What are you doing?! I told you I wanted you to throw out the first PITCH !!"

I can hardly believe how chauvinistic we were during the Clinton years. I feel a sense of catharsis as I confess to you, my dear readers about the terrible joke I told about President and Mrs. Clinton. Back then, I thought it was a step up from the jokes we used to tell about previous Presidents, none of which are clean enough to recount here.

So dear readers, I have confessed my sins. In the interest of truth and candour, I have included that awful skit. We have moved beyond such awful humour now haven't we?

On a very serious note, I think that some ethnic humour should be permitted. So how many Etruscans does it take to screw in a light bulb? Sphere: Related Content

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