Friday, September 25, 2009

Boycott NY Papers Tuesday September 29 !

New Yorkers are very concerned about the direction of the city. The Democratic Party just nominated Bill Thompson, Comptroller of the City of New York. The only news to leak out is a poll that says he is 16 points behind in the polls. I have scanned the New York Newspapers for news about Bill Thompson speeches or anything at all about mayoral campaign events. Yesterday the New York Post had nothing about the mayoral campaign. I turn on the radio and I hear wall to wall Bloomberg infomercials boasting of his "bipartisanship" and his "being above politics". This is Madison Avenue Newspeak to describe a man who does not listen to public opinion. The blurring of party lines that has occurred under Bloomberg means that there is less dialogue than ever about the state of the city.

Unemployment is up above 10%. Water bills, parking penalties and other city fees have skyrocketed. What I hear from friends bears no resemblance to cooked statistics and skewed news coverage.

I am sick and tired of the news blackout of the mayoral campaign. I think that Monday and Tuesday should be days that we do without newspapers. If you travel by subway, bring a book. Bring a magazine. Listen to an audio book. But let the Daily News, the New York Times and the New York Post know that we are sick of them acting like Mike Bloomberg's personal propaganda sheets. Mike Bloomberg is a media magnate. He is a master at manipulating perception. Professional journalists should be wise to that. They should resist it.

We can not vote in the election until November 3. But we can vote at the news stand. We can also call advertisers and cancel newspaper subscriptions. We are effectively having an electoral campaign in which one man's microphone has been shut off. What are we going to do about it? The news media is supposed to be the watchdog of the people, speaking truth to power. It ain't happening. And that's a shame. What are we going to do about it? Sphere: Related Content

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