Thursday, September 3, 2009

California Fires " Human Caused" Is It Terrorism?

As of yesterday, another 219 square miles of California forest has been destroyed in forest fires. reports as follows on the investigation into a firestorm that has driven people from their homes, destroyed over 60 houses and killed two firefighters.

"Deputy incident commander Carlton Joseph said Wednesday that the fire was human-caused, but it's not known specifically how it was started or whether it was accidental or arson.

Carlton says investigators have leads that brought them to the conclusion but he will not give any further information. Carlton notes that the options were lightning or a human cause and lightning has been ruled out."

Fortunately, the weather has favoured efforts to contain the fires. The political climate is, on the other hand a different proposition.

Industry has gone global and so has terrorism. Terrorists train together and plan attacks together. What does this have to do with California forest fires? I hope that there is no connection. Unfortunately, America has a growing movement of people who believe that the American Southwest was wrongly wrested from Mexico in a war of aggression. There is a name for this territory in the language of that political constituency. "Aztlan" is the name of aspiring separatists for the American Southwest and the name of a political movement . that openly expresses solidarity with America's enemies and with terrorist groups in the Middle East.

In addition to that is a border with Mexico that is laughably porous. Mexicans and other Latin Americans who wish to come in to the US legally often do so. But it is not only economic migrants from Central America that are crossing the border. There have been numerous reports of Arabs crossing into the US over the Mexican border illegally as well. There is no doubt that Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups have noted the porousness of our southern border. If you throw the illegal drug trade and notoriously corrupt Mexican police into the mix, you have a recipe for terrorism.

What does this have to do with forest fires? Live Leak reports as follows about forest arson as a tool of the intifada in Israel.

"In the late 1980s and early 1990s, arson comprised about one-third of all forest fires in Israel, which is a very large proportion. Some of the sources of this arson were identified as the work of criminals, whose sole aim was to collect the insurance money. However, many instances of arson in the late 1980s were directly related to the Palestinian uprising (the first Intifada). Palestinians have used arson in the past as an insurgency method, as early as the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, but in the 1980s it was adopted as a highly visible action against Israel. Arson was found to be easy to execute: all one had to do was cross the old border between the West Bank and Israel, which was unguarded and open to all, start a fire in one of the many forests in the hilly areas near the border, and then disappear. According to the International Forest Fire News (IFFN), between 1988 and 1991 the number of fires attributed to arson rose to over 30%, which was explained by an increase in politically motivated arson associated with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Israel and California share a problem of frequent water shortages, which increases vulnerability to fire. Has politically motivated arson come to California? It is not known. Could it come to California? The ingredients are there. It is beyond dispute that secure borders and the war against terror groups within our borders are connected to being safe from forest fires. America's enemies think out of the box. They are creative and adaptive. If America is to win in a war on terror we must be the same way. Sphere: Related Content

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