Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gay Activist As School Safety Czar

President Obama has appointed more "czars" than I can keep track of. One of them is a "safe school's " czar, whose name is Kevin Jennings. Jennings has been a teacher and a writer on educational issues from a "gay friendly" point of view. There is no law against a homosexual being a teacher. Those who uphold the laws of the jurisdiction in which they teach have the protection of the law for their personal lives.

The Washington Times reports that Jennings has had serious difficulties in upholding state laws governing reporting of abuse when he was a teacher. The Washington Times reports as follows.

According to Mr. Jennings' own description in a new audiotape discovered by Fox News, the 15-year-old boy met the "older man" in a "bus station bathroom" and was taken to the older man's home that night. When some details about the case became public, Mr. Jennings threatened to sue another teacher who called his failure to report the statutory rape "unethical." Mr. Jennings' defenders asserted that there was no evidence that he was aware the student had sex with the older man.

However, the new audiotape (click here to download or listen to the audio) contradicts this claim. In 2000, Mr. Jennings gave a talk to the Iowa chapter of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, an advocacy group that promotes homosexuality in schools. On the tape, Mr. Jennings recollected that he told the student to make sure "to use a condom" when he was with the older man. That he actively encouraged the relationship is reinforced by Mr. Jennings' own description in his 1994 book, "One Teacher in 10." In that account, the teacher boasts how he allayed the student's concerns about the relationship to such a degree that the 15-year-old "left my office with a smile on his face that I would see every time I saw him on the campus for the next two years, until he graduated."

By writing about the incident with the gay student and boasting about it, Kevin Jennings distinguished his actions from a mere lapse in judgement. He held up his conduct as praiseworthy and advocated its emulation, stating that the boy " left my office with a smile on his face that I would see every time I saw him on the campus for the next two years, until he graduated."

Fox News reports of Jenning's memoirs in which he reports about his past drug use in a manner that almost sounded like he was boasting In his book "Mama's Boy, Preacher's son: A memoir, he states as follows on page 103.

"I got stoned more often and went out to the beach at Bellows, overlooking Honolulu Harbor and the lights of the city, to drink with my buddies on Friday and Saturday nights, spending hours watching the planes take off and land at the airport, which is actually quite fascinating when you are drunk and stoned."

For someone who is supposed to promote abstinence from drugs, his opposition sounds rather tepid.

Kevin Jennings does not have any great love for religion either. Consider the following quotes from his memoirs.

"What had [God] done for me, other than make me feel shame and guilt? Squat. Screw you, buddy -- I don't need you around anymore, I decided.

"The Baptist Church had left me only a legacy of self-hatred, shame, and disappointment, and I wanted no more of it or its Father. The long erosion of my faith was now complete, and I, for many years, reacted violently to anyone who professed any kind of religion. Decades passed before I opened a Bible again."

In many communities, houses of worship offer youth outreach programs. How eager will Kevin Jennings be to work with such organisations?

According to Fox News, Kevin Jennings was involved in a conference sponsored by Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) which promoted to high school students in graphic detail sex acts that I am loathe to describe in this article.

Human Events quotes a forward that Kevin Jennings wrote to a book titled "Queering Elementary Education" which includes an essay stating “‘queerly raised’ children are agents” using “strategies of adaptation, negotiation, resistance, and subversion."

Additionally, Human Events quotes his book "Always My Child as calling for “diversity policy that mandates including LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] themes in the curriculum.”

What about gay students who leave that lifestyle? Kevin Jennings has the following to say.

“Ex-gay messages have no place in our nation’s public schools. A line has been drawn. There is no ‘other side’ when you’re talking about lesbian, gay and bisexual students.”

Mr. Jennings has made the promotion and normalisation of homosexuality into a pet cause and a central focus of his published work. But do we really want a man of Kevin Jennings' opinions setting the tone of US government policy in the public schools? Does his thinking represent that of President Obama? Or did Kevin Jennings slip by the White House radar? Neither possibility is terribly reassuring

Whether they are homosexual or straight all decent Americans want schools to be safe havens of learning. But promoting homosexuality must not be bundled with basic issues of health and safety in the schools. President Obama has some explaining to do. And Kevin Jennings does not belong in such a sensitive position, when it is clear that he is promoting such a controversial agenda.

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Det said...

I'm a liberal I'm here to defend him and your facts are wrong. HAHAH I expect an apology and a retraction from this blog immediately. The so called "child" in question was of the age of majority according to Mass. Law he was 16. Furthermore, he wasn't even having sex...read his own words here, or are you conservatives too stupid and homophobic to believe the witnesses?


"The tree of idiocy must be watered from time to time with the blood of social conservatives and Ayn Rand devotees." Dave Babler 9-20-09

Magdeburger Joe said...

Even in university, mentors are restricted in their interactions with students. This is even more strict in high schools. The repercussions of a high school teacher winking at cruising in a bus station can not be dismissed due to a technicality of age. If a 16 year old girl admitted to hooking up in an espresso bar with a 30 year old man, a reasonable mentor would ask what is going on in her life that would lead to such transient encounters. Only those blinded by the light of political correcteness would fail to note such a troubling indication of psychological disfunction. I am sorry that legal technicalities blinded me to the most pressing question of Jenning's fitness as a guide to youth. If your sole defense of the man is this legal fine point, then your argument is weak indeed. I stand by my comments

Magdeburger Joe said...

PS Isn't David Babler's name spelled with two "b"s?

Det said...

I think it's cute that you don't think I know how to spell my family member's last name. If there is a Dave Babbler out there the Babler family from Michigan is not aware of him; he is irrelevant.