Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hail Obama, President of Chicago !!

It looks like Obama's Olympic diplomacy is going to be about as impressive as his other diplomatic efforts. According to Yahoo News, support in Chicago itself is tepid at best. A poll released by the Chicago Tribune showed supporters of the Olympic bid edging out opponents at 47% to45%. Although many in Chicago hope that the Olympics will bring in badly needed jobs, others are concerned about corruption and displacement. There is even a site,, which focuses on the expenses and other difficulties encountered by previous Olympic hosts. The site offers opportunities for Rio supporters to e mail their support for Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 games.

Amazingly enough, there are other Chicagoans besides Michelle Obama who are going to Copenhagen to voice opposition to Chicago hosting the 2016 Olympics. Yahoo News reports as follows.

"Members of a group called No Games Chicago hope he's wrong. They're headed to Copenhagen to tell the IOC that Chicago is in such financial straits that it cannot afford the games and is such a hotbed of political corruption that it doesn't deserve them.

"We are bringing materials to back up our claim that Chicago is not fit to host the games," said Tom Tresser, an organizer for the group."

It may seem disloyal for Chicagoans themselves to travel to Copenhagen just to oppose the Olympics, but many believe that the quality of life as well as the financial solvency of the city would be adversely affected.

There is an additional irony that occurs to Americans who do not live in Chicago. Here is an American President who apologises for America and condemns it in every world forum. This is a President who cozies up to America's enemies and is praised by them in return. Now he is a booster for the city of Chicago. Perhaps it has not dawned on him that he should likewise be defending the country of which he is now President.

America has no plans to deal with the problem of an emerging nuclear Iran. Obama seems to labour under the delusion that the sea of turmoil that rages in the world will evaporate under his radiant gaze. His escape into Olympic trivia contrasts starkly with the shoes of presidential leadership he has so woefully failed to fill.

At a time like this, the incoherence of Obama's foreign policy is truly mind boggling. his contempt for the country he leads stands in stark contrast to his incongruous loyalty to the city that was his springboard to the presidency.

We are fortunate that no world catastrophe has served as a wakeup call to our sleeping President. We are additionally fortunate to be living in a democracy where American citizens can deliver such a call in far more gentle than would America's enemies. Although one can speak of opposition to Obama's domestic agenda, it is not possible to speak in the same manner of his foreign policy since he has none.

Perhaps President Obama missed his calling. His enthusiasm for his home city vastly outstrips his enthusiasm for the 57 states he claims to have visited during his presidential campaign. Perhaps he should have run for mayor of Chicago. Whatever his secret wishes might be, for better or worse, he is now the President of the United States. Some day he may even act like it. Sphere: Related Content

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