Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama: Look Folks! No Shirt Tails !

In the best of circumstances, the President of the United States is able to influence local races for Governor and for Congress. The expression is known as "shirt tails". When President Obama came to New York, everyone was watching how he greeted the Governor of New York with icy distance and then damned him with faint praise. Andrew Cuomo, aspiring Crown Prince of New York's fledgling political dynasty basked in the praise of President Obama and his teleprompter. Everyone in the lap dog press was breathlessly reporting every nuance of Emperor Obama's choreographed snub of the sitting Governor and his anointment of Crown Prince Cuomo II.

After Obama's quick visit to New York, he climbed back on his pedestal and declined to make any endorsement in the New York City mayoral race between Republican Mike Bloomberg and Democrat Bill Thompson, for the ostensible reason that he does not take sides.

It does not seem like Obama has much faith in his own ability to persuade. Even more telling is Obama's lack of willingness to go up against RINO (Republican in Name Only) Mike Bloomberg, who has purchased the acquiescence of a docile press that President Obama could only dream of. Now, Governor Patterson has returned the favour by mentioning the elephant in the room that no one has mentioned in dismissing the value of an Obama endorsement. Politico.com reports as follows.

"If you look at it from their perspective, they haven’t exactly been able to govern in the first year of their administration in the way that other administrations have, where you would have, theoretically, a period in which the new administration is allowed to pass the needed pieces of legislation."

A quote like that is enough to make me a member of the David Patterson fan club. The last time he got anyone so mad was when he had the audacity not to anoint Caroline Kennedy as Hillary Clinton's replacement in the US Senate.

Now President Obama has gone to Pittsburgh. While there, he has promoted the discredited doctrine of global warming . You would think that the Europeans who fawned over Obama when he was running for President would be delighted. Unfortunately for Obama, he is getting a rude lesson in world politics. His reception at the G20 summit has been nothing short of underwhelming. Even with his friendly lip service to global warming theories, the G20 leaders are not giving him any respect. It is not likely that Obama will be forgiven for being American.

Maybe there is finally dawning on the world the idea that green technology has to be funded, and that a crippled economy will not likely be able to fund technological change. Obama the new President reminds me of a puppy rushing into a flock of pigeons, frightening all and catching none. He aspires to be a king maker and a champion of greening an economy that has been browning in the wake of an economic drought. He is making the same mistake in the economy as he is making in New York City politics, which is heavy handed interference rather than thoughtfully using government influence. It is far better to encourage industry to tackle solutions to economic and environmental problems than to throw buckets of freshly printed money at them.

It may be a blessing in disguise that the value of an Obama endorsement has tanked with the stock market. His flawed economic ideas cry out for a healthy debate, as do his ideas on health care. Even here in New York City, skepticism is starting to creep in about the wisdom of Obamanomics.

It is most telling that Obama has refused to speak against Emperor Mike Bloomberg, who, lacking only in charisma seeks to create a Peronist style movement in which he is the central focus. Many are concluding that a strong debate between two healthy political parties would be best for New York City. Mike Bloomberg, in promoting himself has totally neglected restoring two party vibrancy to New York City.

The problem with the value of an Obama endorsement is the same as the problem with the US dollar. In order to be worth something, there has to be something behind it. Right now, Obama should be concentrating on the economy and on rising joblessness. if with G-d's help he will be able to afford decent shirt tails, suitable for use during political campaigns. Until then, his influence will be minimal, which is perhaps for the best. Sphere: Related Content

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