Monday, October 19, 2009

Giuliani : Four More Bloomin' Years !

So Rudy Giuliani is out campaigning for Mike Bloomberg. Even though I would vote for Giuliani in a second if he were running for governor, I will not be taking his advice on voting for Mike Bloomberg. Giuliani has been frightening the public with the spectre of a return to Dinkinsian chaos if Mike Bloomberg is not reelected The New York Times reported as follows on Giuliani's comments.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” Mr. Giuliani said at a breakfast sponsored by the Jewish Community Council in Borough Park, Brooklyn. “This city could very easily be taken back in a very different direction — it could very easily be taken back to the way it was with the wrong political leadership.” Mr. Giuliani made his blunt — and to some minds, incendiary — comments a day before Mr. Bloomberg, a two-term incumbent, was scheduled to be endorsed by the city’s largest police officers’ union, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, according to two people told of the plans. It would be a big step in his quest to secure the strongest anticrime credentials in the mayor’s race."

I wish Giuliani were listening to the people who voted for him instead of just talking to them. There is an uncomfortable feeling in a lot of areas that crime statistics have been ginned up, and that books have been cooked. People complain of being discouraged from reporting crimes and having crimes classified as less serious offenses than they really are. The same goes for Mike Bloomberg's alleged gains in education. It now turns out that tests in the public schools have been " dumbed down" and that New York City measures very poorly against the nation as a whole. Today's New York Post makes that point as follows.

"Federal test scores this week cast serious doubt on state results that suggest big gains in New York, including in the city. The feds say just 40 percent of fourth graders cut it in math -- not 80 percent, as Albany claims. And only 34 percent of eighth graders are up to snuff -- versus 87 percent, in the state's account. Worse, New York's fourth graders are actually below their level of two years ago on the federal exam, despite huge "gains" on the state test. (City kids' national test results are due next month.) Actually, the state numbers have been suspect for a while: No one seriously believes that 80 percent of students statewide are learning enough to succeed. "

The article goes on to cast the statistics in a more positive light, but on both crime and education, Mike Bloomberg is statrting to sound more like the Henny Youngman joke about touching up the x rays to make the patient feel better.

Mike Bloomberg makes his living packaging information and making it look however he pleases. Bloomberg News was very good training for packaging himself as a good mayor. Mike Bloomberg has learned the art of spin very well.

Rudy Giuliani was a great mayor. I would like to see him as governor. But I have had my eyes and ears wide open during the eight years that Bloomberg has mayor. Rudy Giuliani's endorsement of Mike Bloomberg will not change my opinion of Mike Bloomberg, but it might well change my opinion of Rudy Giuliani's political judgement. Rudy Giuliani is a well paid consultant and speaker. He has been out of touch with the city he once led. I believe he is misguided in attempting to inflict four more years of Bloomberg on New York city. Sphere: Related Content

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