Monday, October 26, 2009

Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of Spin

There is a lot of politics that goes into the enforcement to the law in New York City. On the plus side, people have noted that there are less parking tickets being given out. But in Mike Bloomberg's New York, there is always a hitch The Sanitation Department in Mike Bloomberg's New York City has according to the New York Post issued $125,775.00 dollars in fines for putting Bill Thompson posters on city property. Although the Bloomberg campaign has also been hit with fines, it should be noted that the fines levied on the Thompson campaign come out of a budget that is estimated to be about 6 1/4 % of that of Bloomberg's campaign. There is the chilling feeling that the letter of the law is being used to stifle free speech. The saturation of the airwaves with Bloomberg propaganda is meant to create the feeling that his victory is inevitable.

The Bloomberg campaign has managed to saturate the compliant news media with fluff coverage while the Bill Thompson campaign is ignored. We are choked with mailings that clutter our mailboxes with Bloomberg's campaign literature. The airwaves are saturated ad nauseum with his ads. This media creation who only steps onto the subway with an entourage of body guards was too cowardly to face the people in a referendum on term limits. It was far easier to buy off the City Council.

In this mayoral election ,our city's history city history has been edited and truncated. Racial fears were shamelessly stoked by Rudy Giuliani when he campaigned on Mike Bloomberg's behalf. His now infamous words about Bill Thompson were a slap in the face of city history.

“I worried daily that the city might be turned back to the way it was before 1993 — and you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Anyone who has lived in this city remembers that it was under John Lindsay that a lot of the problems of crime and bloated welfare roles became seriously entrenched. Rudy Giuliani proved himself to be as adept as Al Sharpton in playing the race card by hinting at the mayoralty of David Dinkins as the beginning of the city's decline.

Bloomberg attacked Thompson as being a poor manager of the city's pension fund. Before the election, he referred to Thompson as “maybe the best comptroller the city has ever had.”
The man who made his billions peddling financial information had no complaints about Thomspon's investment picks, which had to be voted on by the mayor's own representatives. The New York Times reports as follows on Mayor Bloomberg's duplicity.

"Mr. Thompson’s campaign manager, Eduardo Castell, assailed Mr.Bloomberg for suddenly attacking the comptroller. “Bill Thompson as comptroller has been a stellar success. And the mayor has himself lauded Bill Thompson as comptroller. So it is unfortunately and shameful that now, in the heat of a campaign battle, the mayor turns on his owns words praising Bill.”

Mr. Castell said that the mayor himself is partly responsible for the performance of the city’s five pension funds since he appoints trustees to the board of each. Mr. Bloomberg’s appointees “have been in lockstep with the strategy of the pension systems,” Mr. Castell said."

Look what happens when you have a media billionaire chopping up the facts so they will lend themselves to self serving sound bites. It reminds me of the old Yiddish saying, "A half truth is a whole lie."

Mayor Bloomberg would rather face the city Council with his term limits than face the people in a referendum. His campaign is a textbook illustration that even a lofty law like campaign finance reform can be eviscerated and perverted. He insists on his plan for a nanny state in which cigarettes and transfats are punitively taxed and banned. It is almost as though all of New York city's other problems had been solved. Dumbing down tests in the public schools and cooking the crime statistics help to create the illusion that Bloomberg has solved all of our problems. The reality we see in the outer boroughs shows us that the manipulation of perceptions does not change the reality. The shootings, the increase in petty crime as well as more serious crime give lie to the rosy illusions of the Bloomberg campaign.

What is most reprehensible is that the law is perverted to give only one candidate a voice in public forums. Under Mike Bloomberg, we have lies and distortions at high volume while rebuttals have been silenced with a mute button. We are told that only Mike Bloomberg can lead us in these challenging times. it reminds me of Bertolt Brecht's famous words.

Those who take the meat from the table Teach contentment. Those for whom the tax contribution is destined Demand sacrifice. Those who eat their fill speak to the hungry Of wonderful times to come. Those who lead the country into the abyss Call ruling too difficult For ordinary men.

Bloomberg's net worth has increased from $4.8 billion when he took office in 2002 to $17.5 billion in 2009. His theatrical flourish of taking a dollar a year in salary has been an effective cover for the fact that he is doing far better than the city he has led for almost eight years. It doesn't fool anyone any more. It's time to enforce the term limits we voted for, and to vote for a mayor who cares about all five boroughs. Bill Thompson is the man to vote for on November 3. Sphere: Related Content

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