Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nationwide Child Prostitution Sweep: Comments

Local police in conjunction with the FBI have launched a nationwide crackdown on child prostitution, resulting in 690 arrests. CNN News reports as follows.

"Law enforcement authorities have recovered 52 children and arrested 60 pimps allegedly involved in child prostitution, the FBI announced Monday.

More than 690 people in all were arrested on state and local charges, the FBI stated.

The arrests were made over the past three days as part of a nationwide law enforcement initiative conducted on the federal, state and local levels, the bureau said.

There have been raids in connection with the sweep in 36 cities across the country. The victims, some as young as eleven, were moved from city to city. Addiction to drugs became in many cases a chemical chain that tied them to their pimps. Rehabilitation resources are being lined up to facilitate the rehabilitation of the girls into society.

It was heartening to note the compassion for the girls in the voices of law enforcement agents who were interviewed in the raid. Prostitution, which often involves violence against those who are ensnared in it is in a real sense a slow motion death sentence. Drugs and prostitution make exposure to HIV a virtual certainty. Hopefully, the sentences given to the pimps will express the outrage, anger and disgust of society at the degrading treatment of society's most vulnerable citizens. This problem is deeply entrenched. Hopefully, the nationwide raids we are now will be followed up with similar such measures in the future.

On a personal note, I have noted with disgust the use of the word "pimpin" as a synonym for cool and "pimp up" as a term for improving one's appearance. The original definition of pimp is that of a prostitute's boss. This is a profession that involves degradation, coercion and violence. It is impossible to introduce such changes into daily language without contaminating our thinking. For years there has been an inner city urban subculture of glorifying pimps. Such attitudes tend to seep into society at large. Drugs, broken families and other social ills are ignored as long as the stay in the ghetto. People start to care when such behavior goes suburban.

Meanwhile, there are warning signs in the schools that things are seriously off track. Police in Richmond California reported making arrests in a gang rape outside a high school dance of a 15 year old girl. there were reportedly a dozen witnesses, none of whom intervened to stop the attack. Associated Press reports as follows.

"RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) -- Police believe as many as a dozen people watched a 15-year-old girl get beaten and gang-raped outside her high school homecoming dance without reporting it.

Two suspects were in custody Monday, but police said as many as five other men attacked the girl over a two-hour period Friday night outside Richmond High School.

"She was raped, beaten, robbed and dehumanized by several suspects who were obviously OK enough with it to behave that way in each other's presence," Lt. Mark Gagan said. "What makes it even more disturbing is the presence of others. People came by, saw what was happening and failed to report it."

The victim remained hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries."

Loading up children with facts does not teach them to be better human beings. A human being without a moral code and compass can quickly descend to animal levels. What is happening in Richmond, California? I am not confident that such callousness, brutality and indifference is unique to Richmond California. School massacres and other violence in school are no longer the unthinkable prospect that they once were.

It is an article of faith that advertising sells merchandise. If advertising sells merchandise, how can a song or video not sell behavior? There are many questions we should be asking ourselves . Because it is a major warning sign when a group commits or tolerates a crime.

When children do terrible things, it is a wake up call to their parents. The gang rape in Richmond, California should be considered a wake up call to us all. Sphere: Related Content

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