Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nazi Cemetery Built in Russia

When I was young,World War One was fading fast from the popular imagination. world War Two seems to be following the same path, as those who fought in it and those who survived Nazi persecution fall to old age.

Russia Today reports as follows on a sickening development in Russia.

"A new cemetery has been opened in central Russia, but this one is a bit different from others across the country: The site honors the German soldiers killed in Russia during World War II.

Almost 25,000 Germans have already been buried in a cemetery near the village Besedino in Kursk Region, in a move Russia hopes will be viewed as a sign of reconciliation.
However, the decision to build the cemetery was not easy, the governor of the Kursk region Aleksandr Mikhailov told Vesti TV Channel. He noted that the Nazi occupation of Kursk destroyed over 300 villages in the region, leaving thousands dead or homeless."

Kursk was the scene of one of the biggest tank battles in World War Two, one in which the Germans had their @$$e$ kicked decisively by the Russians

Such "reconciliation" is an obscenity. It is not a reconciliation with the German people but with evil itself . If anything, it brings back the dirty secret that many Russians welcomed the Germans as liberators. When the Germans first came in, many Russians thought they would bring relief from the Stalinist Bolshevik terror. Very quickly, it became apparent that the only freedom that the Russians secured under the German occupation was the freedom to kill Jews. Many villages were emptied of Jews in bloody pogroms that often involved covetous locals who wanted the property and homes of their Jewish neighbours. This strain of Jew hatred was deeply ingrained in the Russian psyche, manipulated and used first by the czars and later by the communists.

I know Russian Jewish immigrants who sometimes go back to their home villages to visit a field, a clearing or some wooded site with no gravestones that is a killing field for the Jews of their village. All they know is the approximate location of their dead loved ones who were buried like garbage decades earlier. Headstones in orderly rows are out of the question. If they are fortunate, a general memorial is put on the site of a killing field.

The Russians may welcome German investment. Perhaps this is the price of the honour they show their war dead. But to put a Wehrmacht cemetery in Russia is a disgrace. Let those who care to come and dig up the bones of their dead loved ones and bring them back to Germany. This would be more that generous, to dislodge the bones of the German invaders from an earth that cries to have them dislodged. The spilled blood of those with no gravestones will cry to heaven. And the Russians will have no answer for those they killed with German help.

It is a disgrace. What people will do for money, in the name of "reconciliation". Truly a disgrace.
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