Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama's Olympic Hangover

The last few days have not been pretty for Obama. Perhaps he expected a triumphant return to Europe when he and Michelle went to Copenhagen to present the case for Chicago hosting the Olympics. Instead, Brazil made history by making 2016 the first year in which the Olympics will be hosted in South America. With all of the problems that still beset Brazil, it has made phenomenal economic and social progress, evolving towards a solid democracy that is trying to develop a future for all of its citizens.

Many consider the choice of Brazil to be a bitter defeat to President Obama, who has invested all of the charisma and eloquence that he and his teleprompter could muster. To many Americans, Obama's priorities seem to have the priority of a warped looking glass, in which the travails of Iran in the wake of its stolen election appear tiny and a the impeachment of a leftist ally of Hugo Chavez in Honduras looms large.

On the domestic scene, Kevin Jennings, gay activist and North American Man Boy Love Association supporter has been made "czar of school safety" Those who care to read more about that can look in the Washington Examiner.

Meanwhile, the New York City Democratic Party has nominated Bill Thompson, an African American who is fighting an underdog's fight against billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who has made his political fortune by espousing nanny state ideology and buying off whoever he can. President Obama has refused to support the Democratic slate here in New York City and is in turn finding the charisma of him and his teleprompter badly tarnished. Perhaps it is fitting that Obama has been slyly supporting Bloomberg. Both are men who are in love with themselves more than with any political allegiance of value system.

When the president of France says that he worries about Obama's dangerous naivete, you know we are in trouble. Meanwhile, the US dollar has dropped in value 15% in the last 3 months, and Communist China is lecturing us on fiscal responsibility.

It is about time that Obama got a wakeup call that his political stock and persuasive power has taken a nose dive. He reminds me of a friend of mine who said after his wedding, "I'm so happy ! I finally found someone who loves me as much as I do."

The party is over. It is as though the cheap champagne buzz after an ill advised Vegas wedding has worn off and left us all with a throbbing headache. Unfortunately, our headache is Barack Obama. And we will be stuck with that for three more years. Hopefully, in November of 2010, President Obama will get the Congress he so badly needs. Sphere: Related Content

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