Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Safe Abortion" and Gendercide

The Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe has called for "universal access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services" including "safe abortion" by 2015, according to Spero News. Last time I checked, abortion is always dangerous to the unborn child.

Does anyone ever look into the reasons for abortion? A lot of them have nothing to do with rape, incest or danger to the mother's life. In actual practice, legal abortion does not necessarily empower women. Indeed, there are plenty of cases where abusive men badger a wife or female companion into an abortion.

In China and India, two countries that have worked hard on family planning, a lot of people have ultrasound scans done and abort the unborn child if it is of an unwanted gender. In many villages and towns, this results in skewed sex ratios of newborn children. There is even a word for this phenomenon. "Gendercide" is the focus of a web site called It reports as follows on the abuse of amnniocentesis.

"India is also the heartland of sex-selective abortion. Amniocentesis was introduced in 1974 "to ascertain birth defects in a sample population," but "was quickly appropriated by medical entrepreneurs. A spate of sex-selective abortions followed." (Karlekar, "The girl child in India.") Karlekar points out that "those women who undergo sex determination tests and abort on knowing that the foetus is female are actively taking a decision against equality and the right to life for girls. In many cases, of course, the women are not independent agents but merely victims of a dominant family ideology based on preference for male children."

The situation in China is even more grim. reports as follows on the consequences of skewed gender ratios in China.

"According to Peter Stockland, "Years of population engineering, including virtual extermination of 'surplus' baby girls, has created a nightmarish imbalance in China's male and female populations." (Stockland, "China's baby-slaughter overlooked," The Calgary Sun, June 11, 1997.) In 1999, Jonathan Manthorpe reported a study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, claiming that "the imbalance between the sexes is now so distorted that there are 111 million men in China -- more than three times the population of Canada -- who will not be able to find a wife." As a result, the kidnapping and slave-trading of women has increased: "Since 1990, say official Chinese figures, 64,000 women -- 8,000 a year on average -- have been rescued by authorities from forced 'marriages'. The number who have not been saved can only be guessed at. ... The thirst for women is so acute that the slave trader gangs are even reaching outside China to find merchandise. There are regular reports of women being abducted in such places as northern Vietnam to feed the demand in China." (Jonathan Manthorpe, "China battles slave trading in women: Female infanticide fuels a brisk trade in wives," The Vancouver Sun, January 11, 1999.)"

It should be noted that there are forms of gendercide in which the focus is on males. The gendercide site focuses on conflict zones in which that was the case.

Another result of abortion is the aging of the population in many industrialised nations. Many European nations are failing to replace themselves. people who are retiring are finding that pension systems for the elderly are not taking in enough to keep the system solvent. One solution is immigration. This helps keep the number of workers paying into the system high enough to prevent collapse. What effect this has on the countries from which immigrants come has yet to be determined. In many cases, fathers are far away from families left behind thousands of miles away. It seems like an eerie coincidence that the "right to die" has become such a hot topic in our times.

Abortion is a good deal if you don't want to pay child support.

Abortion is a good deal if you don't want to pay wages that would support a family.

Abortion is a good deal if you own a business and don't feel like extending maternity leave or subsidising family health insurance.

Abortion keeps the cost of a living wage low.

But why has it become a litmus test of one's support for human rights?

The first feminists were pro life. Even today there is an organisation called Feminists For Life. The organisation on its site not only sheds light on the early history of feminism in America but debunks some of the myths that have distorted its development in modern times.

There is no such thing as "safe abortion." Although it must be allowed in RARE instances to save the life of a mother, it is as a mass phenomenon dangerous to society. Abortion has been legal for 36 years. It is time for us to honestly ask ourselves what the human and moral costs have been. How has legal abortion deadened us spiritually and morally? What have been its hidden costs. Safe abortion? No such thing. Sphere: Related Content

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