Monday, November 2, 2009

Bloomberg's Unpaid Campaign Workers

A friend of mine, an observant Jew who worked for the Bloomberg campaign last time around told me how hard it was to get paid. After the election, he chased the Bloomberg people for about two months trying to get paid. Finally, around early January, when Shabbos was coming in about 4:30, they told him to come to Manhattan to pick up his check at 4:00. There was no way he could pick up the check without violating Shabbos coming home. So finally, he came in the following Monday about 11:00 AM. They told him, "Why didn't you come in on Friday? Come back at 4:00 PM. He had to stay the whole day in the city. When they started giving him the runaround, he started yelling. Only then did someone pick up a checkbook and write him a check. The next day, the office was closed, the furniture moved out.

My friend was lucky. He knew one kid in Crown Heights who never got paid for his work. He told me that there are still at least ten people who worked for the Bloomberg campaign LAST time who never got paid for their work.

There is another interesting thing that is being done by the commission that processes matching funds in this election. they are looking for the tiniest technicality to reject matching funds requests. A stray scribble on a form requesting matching funds can be used as an excuse to reject it. So it's not good enough to spend $100 million. You also have to choke your opponent who is relying on public funding with bogus technicalities to choke him financially. Whatever the legalities might be, this reeks profoundly of moral corruption.

Unpaid campaign workers, shenanigans in doling out matching funds, it's all a part of mayoral politics in New York City. Take a good look at the truth behind the illusion. as they say in X Files, "The truth is out there." For the sake of the city, look for it. Sphere: Related Content

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