Thursday, November 5, 2009

John Gotti Jr. Trial: Drama In The Court

I remember back in the seventies watching a film called "looking for" Mr. Goodbar", which was about a woman who went through a series of one night stands. After a while, the movie got so boring that I fell asleep. The young woman was a special ed teacher. Her job was far more interesting than her sex life, which was like watching a 90 second loop of a film repeating itself over and over again. A developing relationship is far more interesting than the industrial revolution applied to sex, complete with interchangeable parts and expiration dates on marriage certificates.

"Looking For Mr. Goodbar" was what I call "chewing gum for the mind". If it were a food it would be tasteless and totally lacking in any nutritional value.

Movies and television are not the only place to find "chewing gum for the mind". you can look in the daily paper. When you read about crime, you can at least learn something about how to protect yourself. But what can be said for gawking at "lives of the rich and famous?" The New York Post has been turning John Gotti Jr.'s murder and racketeering trial into a family melodrama. They actually had a reality TV show about Victoria Gotti (the daughter) and her three sons. She actually has recognised talent as a novelist. I don't begrudge her for getting in the door with a famous name. She had enough talent to take the ball and run with it. But I don't care a bit about her family. There is to me no glamour in some of what the father has been convicted of and the son is accused of. Today, John Senior's widow, Victoria threw a tantrum in court and had to be thrown out. The New York Post reports as follows.

"Mafia matriarch Victoria Gotti unleashed a fusillade of foul-mouthed fury yesterday at the murder and racketeering trial of her son John "Junior" Gotti -- leaving the mob scion pleading with his "ma" to pipe down as marshals tossed her out of the courtroom.

The obscenity-laden outburst was sparked when Judge Kevin Castel suddenly booted two female jurors who had been sniping at each other earlier in the week.

"This is a railroad job! Enough now! Enough!" Victoria Gotti screamed.

As her son beseeched her to stop, the widow of the late "Dapper Don" John Gotti continued ranting: "F - - - ing animals! They're railroading you! They're doing to you what they did to your father!"
#$%! OFF: Matriarch Victoria Gotti (left) and her daughter Victoria (center) leave court yesterday after the older woman was booted.
Steven Hirsch
#$%! OFF: Matriarch Victoria Gotti (left) and her daughter Victoria (center) leave court yesterday after the older woman was booted.

"Please, ma. Please . . . I can deal with it. I'm OK. Don't worry about it. I'm fine," Junior begged.

His sisters, Victoria and Angel, grabbed their mother from either side and a half-dozen court security officers and FBI agents moved in.

She was then hustled out of the courtroom in a scrum of feds and family members, sputtering all the way."

I can't stand how the Gotti family is our latest family drama show. They have well paid lawyers defending them. They have enough money to stay out of jail on bail. Then they whine about how they are being persecuted. Organised crime has been a parasitic disease. I read about one mafia boss getting a "Christmas card" in which dozens of people had put $5000.00 apiece. For what? Did the guy perform life saving surgery? Did he rescue an old lady from a fire? Or was he just a parasite with enforcers?

I remember a guy in my neighbourhood had a dry goods store. He wanted to go on vacation for two weeks and to stop his garbage pick up. He was told he would have to pay during his vacation for garbage pick up. He refused. I came by right after a garbage truck emptied out a few hundred gallons of rotten fish guts in front of the guy's store. You could smell it three blocks away. I feel nothing but seething contempt for people who make their living that way. I don't want to hear about them. I don't want to know about them. Let them get a fair trial. But I want the government to pull out all the stops with bugs and informants.

Journalism is supposed to be the eyes and ears of the public. I want to hear about people who produce, people who teach and people who build. Gangsters make me sick. The only thing I like to read about is how they were caught and what they were caught for. I really don't want a drama hour with the latest Gotti temper tantrum. The judge has the right in his courtroom to hand out sentences for contempt of court. And that is what he should do. Maybe if we stop paying so much attention to this worn out drama troupe, they will go out and get real jobs. Sphere: Related Content

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Robert Carnegie [email protected] said...

"Looking for Mr Goodbar", that's the one with the serial killer? Or do all American movies have serial killers in? I just was surprised you didn't mention that part. Maybe you really were asleep at the end.