Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mike Bloomberg: Toothless Watchdog

During the leadup to the last presidential election, Mike Bloomberg's name came up as a possible presidential candidate. In the aftermath of his recent City hall meeting with Muslim leaders, Imam Siraj Wahaj came up and shook hands with the mayor as an invited guest. Who is Siraj Wahaj? CBS TV reports as follows.

"Wahhaj was a character witness for the blind sheik convicted of trying to blow up city landmarks. He was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing, and has called the FBI and the CIA the "real terrorists."

"I think that, if the mayor had any discomfort, he would not have invited me," Wahhaj said.

The imam was invited to City Hall to participate in a meeting with Muslim community leaders Wednesday, but after reporters called to find out who was at the meeting, staffers apparently went into hyper drive to hide his presence.

Wahhaj wasn't in the room for a photo op, and his name was left off the official list of participants. He says Bloomberg greeted him warmly.

"He stood up and shook my hand," Wahhaj said. "That's a good thing, right?"

What more proof do we need that political correctness rules? America is reeling at the opportunities missed in the Fort Hood massacre. We are now finding out the costs of blindness to Islamic extremism. Although Bloomberg has not facilitated a shooting with his approach, he has inadvertently lumped moderate Muslim clergy in the city with those whose views constitute a security risk. Bloomberg is no stranger to patronising individuals who are totally undeserving of respect. Consider Al Sharpton, who played an incendiary role in the Korean fruit store boycott, the Crown Heights riots and Freddy's Fashion Mart protests in which the store was set afire and people lost their lives. The Daily News reports as follows on Bloomberg's kissy fest with Sharpton.

Mayor Bloomberg heaped praise on outspoken activist the Rev. Al Sharpton Thursday, calling him a "calming influence on the city."

Bloomberg, who is running for a third term, showed his reverence for the reverend before speaking at the preacher's annual National Action Network Convention.

"In all fairness, Al Sharpton has been an awful lot more of a calming influence on the city and helper to the city than most people give him credit for," said Bloomberg.

"I don't agree with him everything but on balance I've become, over the years, a Sharpton fan," the mayor added."

So we have a mayor who lends the respectability of his office to Al Sharpton and the kind of loony tune who thinks 9/11 was an inside job. It's not that Bloomberg is incapable of being tough. Reporters who fail to treat him with the proper reverence, women who have the audacity to get pregnant while on his payroll and those who even mildly criticise him have found bloomberg to be capable of crude, bare knuckles nastiness. But when it comes to a nut job imam or a reverend who made his name as a racial arsonist, Bloomberg is all smiles.

Having Bloomberg as mayor I feel a lot like the man in Oregon who called the police on a burglar and ended up getting bit in the butt by the police dog they took with them on the call. Associated Press reports as follows on the strange incident.

"EUGENE, Ore. (AP) -- A Eugene man fighting a home intruder to defend his mother and young children was bitten by a police dog after officers mistook him for the prowler they had been chasing through the neighborhood. Tim Crossan told The Register-Guard he broke his hand on the intruder's face during the fight, just before police burst in and sent the dog after him.

The 39-year-old father of three told the Eugene newspaper the dog bit through his left calf before clamping down on his thigh and then his left buttock."

When I look at how Bloomberg is with pesky reporters doing their job and contrast it with his kissing up to bigots and America haters, I think he might have a future on a K 9 unit in Eugene Oregon. But as mayor of New York? He's a disgrace. Sphere: Related Content

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