Monday, December 7, 2009

Gay Activist, Kevin Jennings School Safety Czar

Kevin Jennings, head of the U.S. office of Safe Schools has some very controversial ideas. As founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, he has a track record upon which one might guess what his agenda will be in public office. What does GLSEN support?

Most Americans do not object to students of whatever sexual preference feeling safe in school and learning in a violence free environment. An educator with sensitivity to the sensitivities of homosexual students might actually prevent a suicide or be able to intervene in a crisis situation. No one challenged Kevin Jennings based upon his openly homosexual preference. There are far more serious questions about the organisation he founded and which operates today according to his beliefs.

GLSEN has gone way beyond advocating safety for homosexual youth. The Gateway Pundit has printed a set of excerpts from books promoted by GLSEN. The books were divided into reading lists for grades K-6 and grades 7-12. I read the excerpts from the reading list provided by The Gateway Pundit. Although it contained a few passages assuring homosexual students that they were goog human beings, the majority of what was reprinted could certainly be classified as pornographic. The Gateway Pundit described what they found and reprinted as follows.

"We were unprepared for what we encountered. Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren’t merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between pre-schoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air. One memoir even praised becoming a prostitute as a way to increase one’s self-esteem. Above all, the books seemed to have less to do with promoting tolerance than with an unabashed attempt to indoctrinate students into a hyper-sexualized worldview."

I read the description provided above and found that it accurately described what was on the GLSEN reading list. Some of the material could easily be construed as being intended to "groom" children for sexual activity. Even those who put heterosexuality and homosexuality on an equal footing can not help but be appalled at the hypersexualisation of the children portrayed in the stories from early childhood on. The content is far too explicit to reprint here, although I will provide the Gateway Pundit link, which comes complete with page reproductions to cross check context and accuracy.

The U.S. office of Safe Schools is not a high profile appointment like Secretary of State or Attorney General. It is a lower level appointment, one that does not attract public scrutiny. It is often the lower level functionaries who decide which laws are enforced and which are tacitly ignored. This can touch the daily lives of citizens far more profoundly than higher level appointments.

There has already been coverage of Kevin Jennings and his controversial ideas. The Obama administration has weathered it and kept him on board. Kevin Jennings has gone far beyond promoting the safety of homosexual students and devoted a career to promoting the lifestyle itself. His ideas would be considered highly questionable by a majority of parents in America. We should not let up the pressure. Kevin Jennings should resign or be removed. And we need to scrutinise the lower level appointees in the Obama administration. There has been a basic forfeiture of trust by the Obama administration. They really need to be watched constantly to prevent their sneaking in an extremist agenda into the halls of government. If Kevin Jennings is accepted as a school safety "czar" his appointment will not be the last of its kind but the start of a trend. We see which way the Obama administration is going. We know what we must do. We can't back down. Sphere: Related Content

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