Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guantanamo, Climategate Scandals Buried .

A few months ago, many blogs and news outlets covered the human rights situation in Iran in the aftermath of the widely discredited June 12 elections. The world was transfixed by videos and articles that were smuggled out. Then the news faded from view. Has the story died? Time Magazine has, to its credit featured an article on Shirin Abadi, an Iranian human rights activist who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.

The article deals with escalating harassment of Ebadi, including the confiscation of her nobel Prize medal. But is the mass media packaging the story for public interest? We are hearing far more about Tiger Woods and the alleged complications in his personal life. The table of journalistic repast is set not with meat and potatoes stories but with "chewing gum for the mind".

What about the e-mails from the "climate control unit"? The New York Post reports as follows about the latest development.

More fallout from Climategate: It turns out that most of the "data" underlying claims that the planet is on the verge of global-warming destruction got tossed with the trash.

That's what the world's leading anthropogenic global-warming center is saying.

British scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit now claim that the key data underpinning the man-made-warming theory was . . . thrown out: Original climate data stored on magnetic tape and paper were dumped, supposedly when the CRU moved to new quarters."

Obama is on his way to Copenhagen to urge approval of worldwide measures to combat "global warming." It now turns out that the data was bogus. In the drama of global warming, the fat lady is singing, and the stage hands have pulled the curtain shut in front of her. Are we supposed to inflict trillions of dollars of expense upon troubled industries because of fraudulent data? President Obama still seems to think so. The trip to Copenhagen is on. And we are being educated about...... About what? About Tiger Woods !

It now turns out that the Arabic translators working at Guantanamo are doctoring their translations and sneaking aid to Al Qaeda suspects. Paul Sperry reports as follows in the New York Post about a major spy scandal that could compromise the trial of Al Qaeda suspects.

"Remarkably, the Pentagon never cleaned up the "mole infestation" at its highest-security facility after the FBI busted a Muslim spy ring at Gitmo in 2003.

The 2003 probe involved at least two Arabic interpreters with high-level security clearance. Senior Airman Ahmad al-Halabi, a Syrian native, and former Army linguist Ahmed Mehalba, an Egyptian native, were later convicted of stealing or mishandling classified documents.

Six years later comes a new problem with Muslim personnel who have virtually unfettered access to detainees and intelligence at Gitmo. Professional military security and intelligence officials at Gitmo did the preliminary probe, then prepared a classified summary and are now briefing top officials and members of Congress in Washington. An active FBI criminal probe is also under way.

The possible new spy ring involves several Arabic linguists, some also Egyptian and Syrian immigrants. They're suspected of, among other things:

* Omitting valuable intelligence from their translations of interrogations.

* Slipping notes to detainees inside copies of the Koran.

* Coaching detainees to make allegations of abuse against interrogators.

* Meeting with suspects on the terror watchlist while back in the United States.

Officials say some of the suspected "dirty" linguists -- who met privately in a locked mosque at Gitmo -- have had access to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other high-value al Qaeda detainees.

"Three years of investigations have revealed the presence of pro-jihad/anti-Western activities among the civilian-contractor and military-linguist population serving Joint Task Force Guantanamo," states a copy of a classified Gitmo briefing, prepared in May for the FBI, CIA and Congress' intelligence committees.

The report explains that dirty Arabic linguists have gathered classified data involving detainees, interrogations and security operations in an effort to "disrupt" Gitmo operations and US "intelligence-collection capabilities."

This is a major spy scandal that is being buried on page eight. We have Christian Arabs and Bahai Iranians who could function as loyal employees of the US military. Why have we not reached out for their help? Are we going to sacrifice American security on the altar of political correctness? This story belongs on the front page. But don't worry. The Obama administration is inviting Oprah Winfrey to talk about what the Obamas will eat for Christmas dinner. That's journalism for you !

All the good stories are being written. They are out there for citizens who care. But who controls the stage lighting? Who controls the curtains. Who cuts the microphone in mid sentence?

We have to start questioning the focus and the priorities in the news we get each day. The manipulation of a malleable public is blatant. It is injurious to the public welfare. People are starting to stand up. But we need to do more. Our future depends on it. Sphere: Related Content

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