Thursday, December 3, 2009

NY Transit Authority Punishes Good Samaritan

This lady should get a medal, but instead she is being threatened with the loss of her job. , Adeline Bayne-Goody is a subway conductor with over 20 years on the job. On October 22, Jason Atkinson, a passenger on the 1 train of which Ms. Goody was a conductor started berating passengers. Ms. Goody opened the door to her cabin when Atkinson started pounding on it, whereupon Atkinson reportedly punched her, spit in her face and cursed her with racial epithets. When Atkinson tried to flee, Ms. Bayne Goody tackled him and help him for police.

You would think that Bayne-Goody would be in line for a commendation. Think again. This is New York City. And We're talking about the Transit Authority, which cares about neither passengers nor employees. The next day, according to the New York Post, Ms Bayne-Goody was informed by her bosses that she had committed "gross misconduct" and should therefore lose her job.That was on October 23, and she is still on suspension while the case is being adjudicated.

What type of employee does the Transit authority reward? Look at John Koort and Harmodio Cruz, who were, respectively a token booth clerk and a train conductor who back in June of 2005 stayed at their posts and offered no assistance to a woman who was being chased by a man who ended up raping her and was never caught. A heartless New York Supreme Court judge named Kevin Kerrigan tossed her lawsuit against the New York City Transit Authority.

So if you want to sit on your @$$ and tolerate the harassment, attacks and rapes of passengers on your train and in your station, then you have a career waiting for you at the Transit Authority. But if you have a sense of decency and honour like Ms. Bayne Cody, then you have a problem.

I am asking my readers in and outside New York to call the Transit Authority at 212 330 1234. Get an operator and say you want to make a complaint. And tell them you want Adeline Bayne-Goody reinstated with back pay and a commendation. Perhaps the damage to their image will embarrass the Transit Authority into doing the right thing. Sphere: Related Content

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