Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Schumer and Gillibrand Abandon New Yorkers

New York State occupies a unique position in the nation's health care system. Its research facilities and specialty hospitals such as the Hospital for Joint Diseases and Sloan Kettering attract patients from around the country. It should be the job of any legislator to see how his or her district will be affected by pending legislation.

New York's two Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand should have been going over the health insurance legislation that is being pushed by the Obama administration and gotten realistic answers about how it would affect New York State. Unfortunately, it has been Mike Bloomberg and Governor David Patterson who have been sounding cautionary notes about what the bill will mean for New York State. WNYC reports as follows.

"As the state's Congressional delegation celebrates the Senate's passage of healthcare reform, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson continue to voice concerns. They say the bill as it's currently written will hurt the state by depriving it of hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicaid funds. And the mayor says he spoke to Senator Gillibrand about it."

Gillibrand and Schumer should be representing New York State. This means researching how pending legislation will affect New Yorkers. Unfortunately, they are acting a lot more like smooth talking salesmen, suavely reassuring the governor and the mayor of New York City that everything will be wonderful.

The Obama administration has been arm twisting and bribing to push though health reform legislation. It is a huge bill with hundreds and hundreds of pages. New York State has a lot at stake. Health care is a major industry here. To act as cheerleaders and point men for the Obama administration without advocating for New York State in the Senate is plain irresponsible. It is bad enough that Schumer and Gillibrand won't listen to constituents. but when they ignore the governor of the state and the mayor of the largest city in the state, it rises to the level of legislative incompetence.

For a New York senator to be indifferent to health care is like a senator from Michigan who is indifferent to the future of the automobile industry. This is gross dereliction of duty. New York needs senators who care about their state's economy. Schumer and Gillibrand do not. They should be replaced at the earliest opportunity Sphere: Related Content

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