Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Schwarzenegger Proposes Outsourcing Prisons

We already have telephone tech support from India and service representatives from credit card companies who will discuss your usurious debt with you from Mexico. American corporations are outsourcing whatever they can. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder, actor and lightweight governor of California has just proposed to ship American prisoners who are illegal immigrants to Mexico, where low wages and less government regulation would slash incarceration costs, hopefully without prisoners slashing each other. The United States would pay the Mexican government for the cost of housing and supervising the prisoners, according to the Schwarzenegger plan. What Schwarzenegger does not discuss are the legal issues. Once a prisoner is in Mexico, who is to say that the Mexican government will not cut his or her sentence? Will they carry out the sentence passed in US courts? who can compel them to do so? Proposals like this make me wonder if Schwarzenegger does not crave the limelight.

I do not think that the outsourcing proposed by Schwarzenegger goes far enough. We already have outsourced medical billing overseas as well as jobs in the automotive industry. I have a new proposal. Let's outsource the government as well. This is how it would work. We open up a university in a country with low wages. We train deserving students in American history, law and government. Fluency in English would be at a premium. Instead of paying the $400,000 dollars that the President of the US gets, we could pay something more like President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who earns $5337.00 a year. President of India Pratibha Patil gets $36,434.00 a year. If we open up a government in exile in India, we could pro rate the US presidential salary according to America's lower population and set the presidential salary at about $12,000.00, which is about a third of that of the Prime Minister of India.

Legislators would be even cheaper. In Bolivia, you could find Congressmen who would be delighted with $100.00 a week. So many people like to come to America that you could probably throw in a junket to Washington DC for about 10 days. Using the Senate offices for a week and a half would be a big selling point. It would be like a luxury vacation for someone who is earning $4500.00 a year as a US Senator.

A Governor like Arnold Shwarzenegger could be replaced by a well trained overseas expert in State government. The President of Nigeria earns about $13,000.00 a year, depending on the exchange rate. If he worked really hard, a Governor of California living in Nigeria could moonlight sending out e-mails to American investors.

While we're cutting expenses, why are we paying the guys who print US dollars American wages? Since we're printing so much money it looks like printing dollars will be a growth industry. Why not outsource the printing of US currency to China? They work for a tiny fraction of our wages.

What about driver's licences? With fiber optic connections, You could move the entire Department of Motor Vehicles to Sri Lanka and conduct your business over a fiber optic connection. A well paid Sri Lankan would be happy to treat you rudely and send you to another line for about $90.00 a month.

Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been a good exercise in governmental outsourcing. His first mistake was coming to America , thereby necessitating a high gubernatorial salary. The second problem with Schwarzenegger is that he comes from Austria, which has wages as high or higher than those paid in the US. Financially sound outsourcing involves subcontracting to places with very low wages.

Of course, even if we outsource the Presidency, the Congress and all fifty state governments, it will still be expensive paying so many legislators. In any industry, you try to do the job with as few people as possible. Government should be no exception. A military junta can govern with a fraction of the personnel required to run our current form of government. If you combine a military junta with the idea of outsourcing our government, you'll have the combined savings of overseas low wages and less employees.

The only obstacle I see to outsourcing the federal and state governments is plain prejudice against foreigners. It may take a long time to get Americans used to the idea of an American President who was born overseas in a country like Kenya. It's a real pity. we have cheap cars and cheap electronics. Isn't it about time we had cheap politicians? Sphere: Related Content

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