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Mass Anti Circumcision Bill: Possible Consequences

The following is a fictitious sequence of news dispatches and community announcements portraying what life would be like in Massachusetts if the bill introduced as a private citizen by Charles A. Antonelli were to be passed. The byline of WhatIfItHappened News Service is intended as a clear fiction disclaimer. Additionally, the events will be dated in the year 2015. I do, however see the fictitious events portrayed as being well within the realm of possibility.

May 15 2015 Boston WhatIfItHappened News Service (WNS)

The Massachusetts State legislature passed the Childrens Comprehensive Circumcision Protection Act (CCCP) by a narrow margin in the State Senate of 21-17 with one member abstaining. The legislation, which was previously approved in the State House of Representatives is expected to be signed into law by Governor Tom Fooey, who had voiced his strong support for the bill. The bill, which is to be signed into law this coming Monday, is the first of its kind in the nation. The news was greeted with jubilation by Stuart Gelding, president of Massachusetts Anti Circumcision Task Force.

"Today is a great day for the children of Massachusetts." said Mr. Gelding. "An ancient and barbaric ritual will finally be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Rabbi Shimon Altman, Director of the Religious Freedom Protection Alliance stated "The Jewish people has faced evil decrees before. We have survived for thousands of years until now, and we shall overcome this latest evil decree. We will appeal this evil law all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States ."

Ibrahim Masseri, Imam of the al Iqwa Islamic Center of Boston stated "The decree banning circumcision will go down in history with the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain as a piece of hate inspired legislation. We stand together with our Jewish brothers in fighting this evil legislation."

It is expected that the law will face legal challenges. The law leaves the state deeply divided, with some speculating that the legislation could hurt the Democrats in the 2016 elections."

May 30 2015 Boston WhatIf News Service

The Massachusetts Board of Rabbis issued the following announcement.

Jewish citizens of Massachusetts are still free to travel to neighboring states to practice Brit Milah, the circumcision on the eighth day of life as mandated in Scripture. No Jew will be prevented by reason of indigence from the fulfillment of this commandment. Anyone who needs financial or logistical assistance in circumcising an infant according to the tenants of our faith will be assisted in doing so at any orthodox synagogue in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

May 31, 2015 Boston WhatIf News Service

Charles Carlini, compliance officer for the newly enacted Massachusetts anti circumcision legislation has warned that any Massachusetts citizen who travels to another state to circumvent the ban on infant circumcision would be prosecuted for "genital mutilation".
"We will not allow the laws of the Commonwealth to be taken lightly. Massachusetts children will be protected, wherever they travel".

June 5, 2015 Boston WhatIfNews Service

In what is widely seen as a test case of the anti circumcision bill, a father and mother of a child who had been circumcised in New Haven, Connecticut were both arrested after a routine traffic stop. An examination of their infant son established that he had been circumcised in a religious ceremony, in defiance of Massachusetts state law. The couple are being held on $100,000 dollars bail in the Norfolk County Jail. Their children were put in foster care by Child Protective Services. A hearing will be held Monday to determine arrangements for supervised visitation.

June 30, 2015 Boston WhatIf News Service

Charles A Carlini, compliance officer for the Massachusetts ban on circumcision has issued the following directive.

"All pediatricians in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to file a circumcision certificate for all of their patients under the age of 18. Anyone who is registered as uncircumcised who is later found upon medical examination to have been circumcised must be reported to child Protective Services. Anyone who is a mandated reporter such as a teacher or school nurse is required to report instances of suspected circumcision as well.

Failure to report circumcision or falsifying a report of circumcision will be punishable by fine, imprisonment and disbarment from medical or teaching practice."

July 7, Newton Mass WhatIfNews Service

A Newton couple was arrested for child abuse for the circumcision of their newborn. The child was taken into custody by child protective services. The couple, unidentified to protect the child's identity, are being held on $75,000 dollars bail. Rabbi Mark Berliner, Rabbi of Synagogue Beth Elohim in Newton was taken in for questioning as a possible material witness.

July 31, 2015. Newton Mass WhatIf News Service

Many Jewish residents of this heavily Jewish town are looking to move out of state since the ban on circumcision was enacted in May of this year. Many cited the ban on circumcision as a reason.
Of 163 families that moved out of Newton, 71 had moved to Rhode Island. Another 47 families had moved to New Hampshire. 30 families had moved to Connecticut. A small yet significant number had moved to Israel. Additionally, 17 Newton businesses had moved out of the state, resulting in a loss to the state of 93 jobs.

"It is an irony of history that Rhode Island is yet again a place of refuge for those seeking religious freedom ". said Rhode Island Governor Anthony Bernardino. "Back in the days of the Puritans, we took in Massachusetts refugees. I guess history repeats itself".

August 11, Boston Massachusetts WhatIf News Service

Tourism in Massachusetts is down 7% from last year after the circumcision ban passed in May of this year was enacted. Jews, Muslims and opponents of nanny state regulation have joined almost spontaneously in shunning a state that they see as having far more similarity to its intolerant Puritan beginnings than to modern democratic norms. The ban is widely seen as contributing to the image of Massachusetts as a left wing social laboratory. Some national businesses have reported that Jewish and Muslim workers are refusing transfers to Massachusetts as well. Charles A. Carlini, compliance officer for the circumcision ban pledged a public relations campaign to blunt the economic impact to the state."

November 2, 2016 Boston Massachusetts, In what is seen as a stinging rebuke to the Massachusetts Democrats, both the State Senate and the House of Representatives have solid Republican majorities. In what is seen as a major shift in political allegiance, Newton Massachusetts, Sharon as well as other strongly Jewish areas reported a majority of almost 70% supporting the Republicans. Additionally, The Massachusetts Muslim Association sponsored a drive in mosques across the state to turn Democrats out of office for being "unresponsive to the concerns of our community".

These are fictitious news dispatches. But they do portray what could be a likely outcome of the proposed ban on circumcision in Massachusetts. Those who are dismissive of this ban as not being serious would do well to fight this attempt of a lunatic fringe to join the political mainstream. This is an attack on freedom of religion as well as an attack on the right of parents to make medical decisions for their children. It is, therefore an attack on all of us. Sphere: Related Content

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