Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama and American Political Jokes

I heard a joke about Barack Obama. It goes as follows. Barack Obama was meeting with Queen Elizabeth. He asked her what he could do to make his presidency a success.

"Surround yourself with smart people". replied the queen. "Let me give you an example."

The queen called in Tony Blair and asked "I have a riddle for you. I'm my father's child. I'm not my brother. I'm not my sister. Who am I ".

"Well that's easy." replied Tony Blair. "It's me"

Obama was very impressed. He came back to Washington and decided to test Joe Biden. He asked him the same question. Biden asked for a day to think about it. He called Al Gore for a little help. Then he came back to Obama.

"I've got the answer." Biden announced proudly. If It's my father's child, and it's not my brother or sister, it can only be me."

Obama shook his head and said, " Joe. You're an idiot. If it's your father's child, and it's not your brother or your sister, it's Tony Blair !"


Just to be "bipartisan", back in the days when people were saying how stupid Dan Quayle was, there was a short joke that went as follows.

Dan Quayle was speaking to an African American audience. In an attempt to establish a rapport, he told them, "I've always been a great admirer of Malcolm the tenth.

The used to say of Gerald Ford that he was so stupid that he couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time.

Why didn't Gerald Ford like M and M's ? They're too hard to peel.

There is another joke about Henry Kissinger that would fit Obama perfectly. Someone went to heaven and he saw all the important historical figures. He saw Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt. As he looked through the hall, he saw a throne. Sitting at the top of its gilded steps was Henry Kissinger, staring at the assembled notables with imperious disdain.

The observer was awed at being able to mingle with the great men of world history. But when he looked at Henry Kissinger, he was shocked and indignant.

"That's Henry Kissinger!" he exclaimed. But he acts like he is the most important person here.!" Does he think he's G-d?"

The angel accompanying the observer shook his head and replied, "No my friend. That's G-d. He thinks he's Henry Kissinger.

The best political humour comes from dictatorships. The secret police often collect such jokes. But American political humour is pretty good as well. We have three more years of Obama to go. (Heaven help us) I'm sure the book of Obama jokes will get bigger during that time. I'm looking forward to reading it. Sphere: Related Content

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