Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bible Study Banned In Arizona Town

I really want to give these people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe some bean counter is giving the law an idiotic interpretation. In Gilbert Arizona, a group of seven people who gather for Bible study have been told to cease and desist. It seems that their gathering in a residential area for religious purposes is a violation of zoning laws. ABC15 of Arizona reports as follows on the bizarre case of the Oasis of Truth Church vs. common sense.

A church has been forced to stop conducting services in a Gilbert home. The Oasis of Truth Church was holding services at a home near Riggs and Chandler Heights roads up until November. A city code enforcement officer noticed signs in the neighborhood directing people to the services. He sent them a letter saying the church was in violation of the Land Development Code. Only about seven people would attend the services. Neighbors didn’t complain nor did they seem to know that services were being held at the home. “Under the code if you meet once, with more than two people, and it is a religious gathering then it is a violation of the code,” said David Napier of the Alliance Defense Fund. "

Let me get this straight. In Gilbert, if you have a swinger's hot tub party, everything is cool. But if you get religion and decide to go to Bible study classes next door to the hot tub party, they're going to bust you. That sounds pretty whacked. It seems like the town council of Abbot wasn't paying attention when they voted this clearly unconstitutional measure into law.

Fortunately, the Alliance Legal Defense Fund has stepped to the plate in defense of common sense. They are joining in the effort to have the unjust zoning law repealed. Vice Mayor Linda Abbott has expressed her opposition to the zoning law, expressing the opinion that it will probably be repealed. The town council of Abbott will vote on a motion to repeal the law on March 23rd. Until then, it would be wise for those concerned about religious freedom and the right of free assembly to voice their concern about what is happening in Gilbert, Arizona. This intrusive law against Bible study meetings in private homes must be repealed. It's a bad law. And it's unconstitutional. Sphere: Related Content

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