Friday, March 26, 2010

A Note To My Readers

A long term goal of and its companion blog, has been to graduate to professional writing. It now appears that I have landed some paying work. Writing in my new position will take a good portion of the time I have now dedicated to and

I have for the past two years maintained a quota of one article a day for each of my two sites. I have decided to reduce that quota to one article a day for both sites. I intend to post one article every other day to each site. This will enable me to make the best use of my limited time. and are important to me. Although my readership is small, it extends around the globe to places I could only dream of visiting.

Those who want to follow me in my professional work can go to my page at, where I write under the name Rudi Stettner. There are many interesting articles there by other writers as well. I am including the urls to both my page and to the home page on

I look forward to writing on as well as on my own sites . I should note that has also been very helpful to me. About 95% of my readership is on that site.

I am excited about this new stage in my writing career and look forward to seeing it unfold. I hope my readers will follow me to my new venue. Sphere: Related Content

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urbanadder22 said...

Hals-und-Beinbruch, Rudi