Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Optimum Monopoly Stiffs Brooklyn

Optimum is the only provider of cable internet in my part of Brooklyn. So far, Verizon, our local phone company, which provides phone service, is not equipped to provide DSL internet service to my part of Brooklyn. So I'm stuck with Optimum, which charges $50.00 a month after you get done with the introductory offer.

My internet service has been out since 2:30 this afternoon. If you call Optimum, they will apologise profusely by recorded announcement. No one has any idea when they will be up again. They have fairly frequent regional outages. It would be nice if Verizon provided Optimum with some competition. The only alternative is connecting over a wireless phone connection, which costs $50.00 a month for one phone. My son is kind enough to let me use his computer and wireless connection, until Optimum gets reconnected. That is the only way I can do anything on line.

I used to have Optimum phone service, which was fairly reasonable at $20.00 a month. The only problem was that it went down whenever the internet went down. we decided that Optimum was too unreliable as a phone provider. so we went back to some provider named Cucumber, which uses Verizon's lines and keeps our service up. It seems pretty clear to me that the monopolies have decided that my part of Brooklyn doesn't require too much investment right now. The cables they set up outside houses are a messy tangle of wires that are not enclosed in boxes of any sort. They just kind of cling to the sides of houses like tangled vines. They provide no protection against weather or vandalism.

I have seen ads for other cable internet providers, but they bow out of my part of Brooklyn, leaving Optimum with a cable DSL monopoly. with Verizon not setting up shop yet, it kind of leaves Optimum facing no real competition. It would be nice to see the big internet providers take the blue collar parts of Brooklyn a bit more seriously. Right now, it seems like the big internet providers have the pie cut up pretty nicely. Service may suffer, but who cares, as long as the big bucks keep rolling in? Sphere: Related Content

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