Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Racist Demonstrators: Pelosi's Best Friends

A major goal of political conservativism should be to broaden the scope of the conservative movement to include America's full range of ethnicity. I was saddened to the core of my being to see news reports that opponents of health care were hurling racial epithets at African American elected representatives. It would not surprise me if this evil behavior turned some votes in favour of the Obamacare bill. It would have been better to have written a personal check out to the Democratic National Committee than to have engaged in such evil behavior.

The last time I recall reading of such politically sparked racial abuse against African Americans was when homosexuals in California were screaming at African Americans on the street because they were angry about the defeat of gay rights back in November.

There are many reasons why political conservatism should get a fair hearing from African Americans. But no sensible person will want to take as a political ally someone who despises his race or ethnicity. No one will commit suicide for the sake of their political beliefs. A Jew would not vote for a Nazi or Klansman because he agrees with them on an individual issue. Nor would an African American or a Hispanic.

The Democratic Party owes a debt of gratitude to the morons who disgraced their cause by shouting racial abuse and spitting at African American representatives. I would accuse them of secretly working for the other side, but unfortunately people really can be that stupid and evil. I guess bad character cuts across the political spectrum. How sad. Sphere: Related Content

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