Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitty Kelley, Catty Kelley, What’s The Difference?

If I’m walking with a limp, it’s because my foot fell asleep when I read about Kitty Kelly’s unauthorized biography of Oprah Winfrey
. Nothing Kelly said really established any new, hard facts about Oprah. She certainly had a troubled childhood. I don’t doubt that she winces in shame at some of her personal memories. But it is established that she went to live with her father, who Kitty Kelly (not Catty Kelly) claims might not be Oprah’s real dad.

Big deal ! She did eventually straighten out her life. She became a living example that a person on a self destructive slide could reverse it.

Kelly also makes a big deal about confidentiality agreements signed by Winfrey’s employees. Who the hell cares? Would you want to have someone work in your home or in your office in your private moments and sell a story about you? I wouldn’t !

Oprah probably has an ego the size of Mississippi. There was the story about her (click here to read the rest of my story on Sphere: Related Content

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