Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New York Post's Helpful Tips To Al Qaeda

I was reading about the Times Square bomber, Shahzad Faisal, who has proudly pleaded guilty to 10 counts in the Times Square bombing case. The New York Post roundly ridiculed Faisal for his ineptitude in the bombing attempt, noting as follows his mistakes after attending a bombing class.

"The whole thing; how to make a bomb, how to detonate a bomb, how to put a fuse, how many different types of bombs you can make.

"I was there 40 days. My training was five days."

Either the teachers did a rotten job or he was unusually dense.

Experts have said Shahzad made several errors constructing the bomb, starting with using non-explosive fertilizer and ending by using legal fireworks that could not ignite the chain reaction needed to set off such a device."

I have read even more specific information in other articles that specified which type of firework Faisal used to detonate the bomb and what would have worked. This is helping the terrorists critique their performances and perfect them later. And the terrorists do learn from their mistakes. World Trade Center 1993 was followed up by World Trade Center 2001. These guys do their homework.

There seems to be no distinction made in reporting between reporting the political opinions of those who would overthrow the American government and providing logistical useful information for the commission of illegal terrorist acts. I am very interested in the mindset of the society in which terrorists are recruited. I do not want to have information provided that will facilitate a car bombing or bio attack.

We live in a society where you can discuss rationing free speech under the guise of the "fairness doctrine" but where no sense of responsibility is exercised in withholding information from terrorists. Bruce Golding, Dareh Gregorian and Dan Mangan of the New York Post, I hereby award you with the Lenin Prize. Vladimir Lenin is famously quoted as saying that the capitalists would sell the Communists the rope with which they would hang themselves. I can think of nothing more suicidal than telling terrorists how to do the job right. It is in this spirit that I award Bruce Golding, Dareh Gregorian and Dan Mangan the Lenin Prize for suicidal stupidity. The award will be 100 Afghanis in Taliban money, or its current equivalent in US currency. Because with friends in the media telling Al Qaeda how to fine tune their bombing techniques, Al Qaeda will probably have a promising future. Not too comforting, is it? Sphere: Related Content

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