Monday, July 5, 2010

Note To Readers on 24 Tammuz 5770, July 5, 2010

When I started writing on as well as this site, it was with reckless indifference to what gets lots of hits. As I have started to write on other sites, I have gotten wider exposure and some money. Unfortunately, it comes with a price. In looking at what sells, I have neglected my own priorities. There are various pressures to produce what sells and even to tread softly in matters of personal opinion. Whether I am writing in a liberal or a conservative forum, some things just don't fit. Perhaps this is the way of capitalism. I am accustomed to bartering my freedom in the work place. Writing is a new area. Self censorship has crept up on me. It has deadened me spiritually and to a certain extent blinded me.

I need to remedy this situation and have decided on the following. I have set a quota of 3 articles a day. Henceforth, the first article every day will be posted to my own personal sites, or There are very few readers here. It may always be that way. But these two sites will be my domain of free speech, of reckless indifference to ratings and refusal to remain within camps of political, religious and social opinion. Writing for others often means suppressing parts of my world view to fit in and get ahead. In the past weeks of writing very little on my sites, I have come to realise how important they are to my integrity and growth.

My sites and the opinions expressed in them are not for sale. The unspoken pull of the market and less subtle influences do not hold any sway here.


Here is where I play music that is NOT top 40. Movies that were a hit 40 years ago, East German rock music, that's my beat. Here is Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, performed by the Moscow Male Jewish A Capella Choir. Sphere: Related Content

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