Thursday, July 22, 2010

Renewing Ties With Rantrave

A few months ago, I decided to take a vacation from It revolved around articles directed at Jews urging conversion to Christianity. I stopped publishing on simply to avoid being drawn into religious debates that I am not qualified to conduct. Additionally, I feel that in a secular venue, my role as a writer is to find common denominators with Jews and non-Jews to build a better society. Building a society in which there is no bigotry, in which workers and business owners are partners rather than adversaries and in which differences are resolved is something that resonates across a broad base.

On, the focus is on current news. It is not an opinion site, although a small dose of opinion is tolerated along with the facts. I like to write about new news, old news and ancient history, along with whatever other obscure topics may engage my interest. Rantrave is a good forum for such a range of topics. I feel far too confined when I restrict my focus to current news. Posting on both Rantrave and is the best of both worlds.

Audience visualisation is an important creative exercise for me. Mainstream news readers, general readers and Jewish readers are 3 different audiences I respect and want to reach. I look forward to posting on again. Sphere: Related Content

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