Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bigotry Fuels Sexual Slavery In Britain

There are some crimes which are sensational and anomalous, a blip on the graph of human depravity and not part of a pattern. Great Britain is faced with a new epidemic, that of pedo pimps. These chromosomally human individuals have a mode of operation in which they befriend and gain the trust of young girls of middle school and even elementary school age. After plying them with gifts of clothing, jewelry and sometimes drugs and alcohol, they then "turn them out" which involves brutally raping them and then intimidating them into working as prostitutes. The London Daily Mail reports as follows.

"Emma remembers every detail. Two of those ‘friends’ in the shopping
mall were teenage boys, Niv and Jay, who were being used by a criminal gang to lure naive local girls into an underage sex ring.

They introduced Emma to older relatives, in their 20s and 30s, who said they wanted to be her friends, too. They plied her with vodka, cigarettes and cannabis spliffs.

‘I thought I was having a great time. I had no idea the men were part of a gang,’ she says now.

‘They were more exciting than my school friends. I began to meet them every day after school before catching the bus home.’

Unfortunately for Emma, things quickly spun out of control. The Daily Mail continues.

"One, 24-year-old, Tarik, took a particular interest in her. He was the gang’s ring leader - and one day he imposed his authority on her in the most brutal fashion.

He led Emma to a patch of wasteland near the bus station and raped her.

The whole episode was watched by a group from the gang who, laughing, recorded the attack on their mobile phone cameras.

Afterwards, Emma was left to pick herself up, try to wash the blood off her clothes in the nearby public lavatory, and catch the early evening bus home."

After this, Emma was threatened with harm to her family if she told what happened to her or if she refused to work as a prostitute. When the parents tried to protect her, the pimps would threaten the parents. Eventually, Emma and her family had to move. She dyed her hair a different colour and cut it a different way. The father lost his business because he had to relocate.

The dirty secret in the pimping of school children in England is the pattern of "Asian" men and British girls. In England "Asian" usually means Pakistani or Indian Muslims. Within their own families, the pimps and their customers put Muslim women of their own ethnicity on a pedestal. By contrast, they view non Muslim British girls as loose and disreputable, fair game for rape and abuse.

The sentences meted out for these sorts of crimes are shockingly small. How low are the sentences? Aftab Khan, who forced a 14 year old girl into prostitution, got 7 years in jail. His accomplices got sentences ranging from 8 months to 4 years in prison.

To address crime properly, one must address the motives and mete out the proper punishment. There is a mindset among many Muslim immigrants in Britain that non Muslims are fair game, that there is no limit to what can be done to degrade them. There must be a crackdown on the behavior that reflects this mentality.

A 7 year sentence for serial acts of rape and brutality does not reflect the level of indignation that these crimes elicit. People who move to Britain should respect its citizens. If they can not do so, they should be deported. If contempt of British women is so widespread among Muslim immigrants, then British women should be forewarned. Perhaps it is time for British men to be more pro active in rescuing enslaved women and to turn over their captors for justice.

Is there any hope left for Britain? Will the British authorities tear off the gag of political correctness and condemn anti white, anti European racism? Bigotry is a human condition, odious no matter who the target might be. Some of the most virulent racism in Britain is against Englishmen. Tolerance is a two way street. Sphere: Related Content

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