Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Fine Print Scam Run By

It pays to look at your bank statement. About a year and a half ago, my son ordered a book "The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary". from An option offered was a trial membership, which my son accepted. That got him a 5 dollar discount and free shipping. He was given 3 days to cancel the membership.

Rather than look at the fine print, my son assumed that the membership was a free or nominal charge book club membership, such as Barnes and Noble legitimately offers at $25.00 a year. It does not take too long to recoup the charge for such a membership.

My son ordered his scrabble dictionary, back in 2008. Since then, he has been charged $12.00 a month for 18 months by He has not purchased a single book from For his $5.00 discount on the book plus free shipping, he has paid $180.00. A woman named Christine told me after I read from the bank statement that she was "sorry I feel that way" about the illicit charges". She told me that she could cancel the membership, reverse 2 months of charges and refer my concerns to corporate headquarters for a possible third month refund.

I informed Christine that she was working for thieves and wished her success in finding honest employment. How many people out there are being charged an outrageous membership fee that they ignore? It is wise to look at any "free offer" or "trial membership". I once belonged to a CD club and just passively accepted the CD each month. Eventually, they went out of business. I have no beef with them. They gave me merchandise and were out front about what charges I incurred. If you are going to order discount books, go to

If you want to look for used books, go to Barnes and or and look up the book you want to buy. If used copies are available, there will be a link on the side of the page for the book you want that will refer you to a used book seller. These merchants have a reputation to uphold and will try to keep you happy. is not such a company. They prey on people who are ordering a book on line in a hurry and will check off on a free offer that is far from free.

If you have had any dealings with, you may want to check your bank or credit card statement. If you see anything you don't like, their number is 888 646 1662. I will continue to seek redress, but in the meantime will settle for the satisfaction of publicising the loathsome and sleazy activities of

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