Thursday, November 11, 2010

Barack Obama In Jakarta and Gaza: Lookin' For Love In all The Wrong Places

After the spanking the Democrats got at the polls, President Obama must have wanted to get as far away as possible from an electorate that just doesn't understand him. In Jakarta and in Gaza, the Muslim masses were reportedly far more appreciative of Obama than the American people seem to be.

The New York Post's Amir Taheri reports as follows on the state of hope for change and the hunger for a" final solution" to the "Jewish question" emanating from Obama's fan club in the Gaza Strip.

"Abu Hussain! Palestine loves you!!!" This slogan, in English, appears on a poster and other products produced by the Palestinian Hamas movement and put on sale in Gaza. Yesterday, it adorned the front pages of several leading Arab dailies. The "Abu Hussain" is President Obama. The poster pictures him wearing the signature Arab headgear, the kaffiyeh. That the most radical Palestinian faction has declared its love for the president may be bad news for the stalled Middle East peace talks, which Obama has promised to help restart before the end of the year."

The aim of Hamas is, a Palestinian state comprising what is now Israel and the Palestine Authority. They want an Islamic state of "Palestine" and subservient second class citizenship for any Jews allowed to remain within the borders of their proposed country. Their aims are clearly stated over their radio and television stations and eagerly ignored by the Europeans and the US State Department who practically plead for Hamas and Fatah to lie in English long enough for some sound bites on the evening news.

This Palestinian state is not awaited with fondness by the hundreds of thousands of Arab Jews living in Israel, who were forced to flee the homes they had lived in in Arab countries for centuries. These are people who are abundantly familiar with the lot of non Muslims in an Islamic state.It is virtually certain that President Obama will declare his undying love for Israel when he returns to the US. There are plenty of people left in America who will practically beg Obama to lie to them about his vision for Israel.

"Tell me you love me, even if you don't mean it". seems to be the plea of American Democrats who try with increasing difficulty to juggle their loyalty to Obama and their support for Israel. The charade is getting more difficult by the day.

Who understands Obama correctly? Do the Arabs of Gaza with "Abu Hussein Obama coffee mugs know something that Americans do not?? Is Obama playing Gaza's Arabs for fools? What will the Arabs living in the Palestine Authority demand as a concrete token of Obama's sincerity, and what violence will erupt when they lose patience with him?

The Turks and the British wanted the Holy Land to be the crown jewel of their respective empires. Many nations have come to the Holy Land and left defeated. Does Obama have a scheme? Does he have a dream? Or is he just a dreamer?

If I had to guess, I would say that the far off, visionary look in Obama's eyes is focused not on the future but on the soothing, numbing light of the teleprompter that seems to be his perpetual companion. Sphere: Related Content

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