Sunday, November 7, 2010

Facebook Threatening "Lamebook" With Legal Action

I never would have heard of Lamebook, which is a web site that culls the most ridiculous and funny Facebook entries for the entertainment of its readership. Angie Rentmeester of describes the dispute as follows.

On Lamebook users can submit the most ridiculous status updates and images from Facebook. On its website, the company wrote that it is “fending off threats of trademark infringement litigations from the multi-billion dollar giant by preemptively filing suit” in Texas.

To give you an example of the types of entries that are posted, consider the following.

I am Hungary.
Luisa: Maybe you should Czech the fridge.

Amanda: I am Russian to the kitchen.

Some entries are x rated and deal with relationships.

Then there is a religion section. One entry said "My uncle loved his neighbor and he got shot. Some of the other entries are closer to x rated.

Then it has a section for typos in which one woman said she was finished "raping her christmas presents.".

Douglaus had a "bowel full of candy" for Halloween. Yuck !!

Someone decided to go over Facebook and cull some humour from it. There are satires all the time. I have seen a takeoff of the Wall Street Journal and the Jewish Press. They were both funny, and nobody got sued. Scotch Tape and Xerox were originally brand names that became bona fide words in the English language. I think that Facebook should feel flattered that they are getting all the attention, get a life and get back to counting the big bucks they already have rolling in.

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