Monday, November 8, 2010

Sex Switch Con Wants State To Foot Bills

Robert "Michelle" Kosilek, 61 is serving life in Prison in Massachusetts for murdering his wife, Cheryl, back in 1990. Since getting life in prison, he has decided that he is a changed man, or more pointedly, a changed woman. Miffed at the unsightliness of five o'clock shadow, Kosilek is suing the Department of Correction in Massachusetts to pay for electrolysis and a sex change operation. Kosilek has been chasing his dream of surgically attained womanhood since 10 years ago. UPI reports as follows on Kosilek's travails.

"Kosilek has been waiting 10 years for a decision on his sex-change suit and says in court filings he has attempted both suicide and self-castration in despair and "has informed the court that in her view the record is closed and she's ready for a decision," said Kosilek's attorney, Frances Cohen."

The prison authorities feel that their offer of regular makeovers and allowing twice a day shaving opportunities should suffice for Kosilek.

It's amazing that the court system in Massachusetts is wasting its time entertaining Kosilek's dreams of womanhood when he cut down the womanhood of his wife as cruelly as he did. Massachusetts would do far better to protect its prison population from rape and violence. This case is a foolish distraction from real problems in the prison system.

Kosilek should have his case thrown out of court and be charged the costs of his frivolous litigation. The prisons have a serious obligation to protect prisoners from harm and to safeguard their physical health. This should not include paying for sex change operations. Sphere: Related Content

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