Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top 10 Famous Presidential Campaign Ads [Videos]

As we count down to 2012, it's a pleasure to look at old campaign ads from days gone by. Here are some of my favourites.

1. The Willie Horton ad ran in 1988 and compared George Bush the elder to Michael Dukakis. It featured a murderer who on furlough stabbed a man and raped his female companion. The Bush campaign was accused of subliminal racism.

2.Lyndon Johnson "Daisy Ad" in 1964. This ad claimed that Barry Goldwater would plungethe world into nuclear war. It showed a little girl counting daisies and a nuclear bomb going off. It was very jarring.

3. Nixon's "Checkers speech". When Richard Nixon was running for Vice President with Dwight David Eisenhower in 1952. Accused of political improprieties, Nixon gave a nationally televised speech in which he defended his integrity. Admitting to receiving a dog "Checkers" as a gift, he vowed to keep the dog. This part of the speech gave the speech,(lauded by some as brilliant and slammed by others as corny and manipulative)its name.

4.Kennedy 1960. This ad shows a different style than we are used to. The graphics and the 60 second song are totally unlike today's ads.

5.Eisenhower for President, 1952. An animated 1 minute commercial from the earliest days of television.

6.George Wallace ran for President in 1968 as an opponent of forced busing and a law and order candidate.

7. Jimmy Carter 1976. I never thought that anyone could bore me in 3o seconds. Hats off to Jimmy Carter for this rare achievement.

8. Barry Goldwater ran in 1964 on the slogan "In your heart, you know he's right. Johnson supporters shot back with "In your guts you know he's nuts. Cute. Goldwater was of course buried in a landslide by Johnson.

9. Anti Obama 2008. Sometimes you just have to attack your opponent. This ad, using Obama's "Yes We Can" slogan does a great job.

10. The following video quotes negative campaign statements back in the days before radio and television. It quotes iconic greats such as Thomas jefferson and John Adams. Our negative campaigns couldn't hold a candle to these guys. Priceless... Ah those were the days.

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