Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Obama's Own Cuban Missile Crisis


Back in 1962, when the Soviet Union wanted to station nukes in Cuba, the Kennedy administration blockaded Cuba to stop the transportation of nuclear weapons to Cuba. The crisis, which started in mid October 1962, was defused by the end of October of that year. Historians generally agree that the crisis brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

Today, it is not Castro's Cuba but the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez that presents a similar threat to peace in the Western hemisphere. In a story largely overlooked in the western news media, Germany's Die Welt reported last week that Venezuela has agreed to host a military base with medium range missiles that could reach the United States. The base would be staffed by Iranian missile specialists as well as members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

The base will also be a storage facility for Iranian weapons, which will as part of the cooperation agreement between Iran and Venezuela be made available to the Hugo Chavez government in case of an emergency.

Die Welt reported that the troubling arrangement is the fruition of a meeting and resolution of Supreme Security Council of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and religious leader Ali Khamenei a few months ago. Venezuela is a major repository of uranium reserves and therefore useful in circumventing efforts to deprive Iran of material for its nuclear program. Flights between the two countries take place , in a military section of Venezueala's international airport away from international scrutiny.

The United States government, of course views the close cooperation between Venezuela and Iran with alarm and concern. Despite this,the extensive military cooperation between the two countries continues unhindered, causing intense concern not only in the United States but among Venezuela's neighbours as well.


Following is the original article in Die Welt as well as its Google translation. Sphere: Related Content

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