Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Needed: A Conservative Alternative to NPR

Right now there is a division in the broadcast media into spheres of influence. Television news, outside of Fox News is mostly well left of centre. Talk radio on the other hand is a medium in which the right has an upper hand.

There is one area that is solidly to the left, and that is National Public Radio. Despite its political orientation, it is a pleasure to listen to. They go into depth on a topic and provide background behind the issues as they see it. They will sometimes go totally off the beaten path and cover an endangered language or popular music other than American music. They can and do get their listeners interested in things they didn't know existed.

The problem with National Public Radio is that it tends to have a left leaning bias. If someone is anti western, they are very likely to get an abundance of sympathy from the program directors. There is to be expected. Even when you present the news, what you leave on the cutting room floor can be a subconscious political decision.

There is not a single politically conservative equivalent of National Public Radio. We have the National Review, the Hoover Digest and Hillsdale College making their own unique contributions to political discourse coming from the right. The list of conservative publications is considerable. But there is not one politically conservative equivalent of NPR, despite the fact that there is charm, allure and value to the tone and format of NPR.

NPR attracts not only government subsidies but corporate sponsors and "listeners like you".If "Conservative Public Radio" wrote off government subsidies and went exclusively for private sponsorship, that could attract a lot of public support. Conservatives attack NPR for taking government money. If CPR could make a successful launch without milking the taxpayers, it could be a challenge to NPR to do likewise

It is time for the political right to challenge the boundaries we now have in news programming. Imagine the slogan. "CPR. Reviving political discourse in America with intelligent news programming." It has a nice sound, doesn't it? Sphere: Related Content

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Thomas said...

I've payed and barter my way broadcasting on a few small AM stations in East Tennessee since 1993 up to about 2009.
I was warning people of the Irainian threat in 1997, which wasnt new news then, about their ten men cell groups living in U.S collages and plans of destruction. We were also broadcasting the genocide of Christens around the world and Jewish persecutions as well, the morjority of this buthering carried out by Islamist.
Folks was to busy to be concerned at that time.
With all that said your concept is interesting.
I have been considering broadcasting again myself.