Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bully Video goes Viral

      Youtube has been repeatedly taking down this video, in which a bully finds out that it is payback time. I am posting it here, where it will be free from Youtube censorship

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Anonymous said...

lmao the kid who steps afterword doesn't want a piece of this young man. rugby clubs must be blowing up his dad's phone

KenE007 said...

good job dude - i bet that whole gang leaves that kid alone for the rest of his life. can't believe now that the bully's mom wants the defender to apologize. yea right. how about you take your bully punk boy home and whip his ass for trying to be tough when all he is is a coward.

KenE007 said...

way to to dude. i bet that gang of wussies leaves him alone for the rest of his life. and now the bullys mom wants the defender kid to apologize!!! yea right. how about you take your punk of a kid home and whip his #ss for being a wanna be tough guy. sounds like you got some work to do around the house.